Safe journey!

Here you can find detailed information for so-called "outgoings".

General Information

You will always benefit from a stay abroad, both personally and academically.

However, careful and above all early considerations should precede the project.
Take some time and read the information for outgoings in detail!

If you want to spend a part of your studies abroad, you can stady at one of our partner universities.
But there are many possibilities to spend time abroad during or after your studies, even outside the existing university contacts of the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld.

Take some time and read the information for outgoings in detail!
And for those in a hurry: You will find some general information in our checklist.

Get in touch with the foreign representatives in the departments or ask individual your professors directly.

Go to the International Office (Building 9916, Room 042) for an early consultation.
At this time you can also discuss the possibilities of funding.


Daniela Haubrich
Beschäftigte International Office


+49 6782 17-1843
+49 6782 171691


Birkenfeld | Building 9916 | Room 42


Mo-Fr (9-15 Uhr, oft 17 Uhr und später) bei Anwesenheit und/oder nach Vereinbarung: persönlich, telefonisch oder intern per Chat ( - Anmeldung mit Hochschulkennung!). Erreichbarkeiten im Detail immer aktuell auf der Website!
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