Student Workspaces

UCB Contact: Room 14-019 & Room 14-018
The lounge is located in the lower area of UCB Contact. Here, students can meet for a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere between lectures, surf the Internet at the laptop workstations using wireless LAN, or even review lectures. The staff at the counter will be happy to answer questions about studying and general questions about the environmental campus.

Library (Central New Building, 1st floor)
Individual workstations are available in the library. In addition, there are four group study rooms for working in small groups.

Building 9915 Room 111
The room is equipped with 16 PC workstations and can be used during university opening hours.

The aforementioned rooms are available to students of the Environmental Campus as work and recreation rooms. The other lecture halls can also be used for work during the times when no events are taking place there. Please refer to the notices on the door or contact UCB Contact for information on occupancy. Please turn off the lights when leaving the rooms and close the doors during the heating period.

Arbeitsraum 9915-111
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