International Students Network Office (ISO)

ISO @ UCB / iso[at]

The International Students' Network Office (ISO) offers especially during lecture period: From students for students!
Often the students can help each other best. So we offer platforms for you:

all year long

Improve your language skills with our project "Tandem@UCB"
You want to improve your language skills and at the same time teach your language skills to others?
You can find more details and how to sign up HERE.

Chatbot - All your questions about student life on campus should be answered by the bot...
Attention... we are still in the testing phase!
But you can already use the bot and ask your questions HERE.

during lecture period

ISO office hours
> > > Every Wednesday 2-4pm at UCB in room 16-044 as well as additional office hours according to notice on the door. < < <
Question & Answer: Where do you need support? What are your questions? We are here to help you out! Come around! :)

ISO-EVENTS | Café International - in cooperation with AStA (& THX to all volunteers!)
>>> Every Wednesday from 16:15 at UCB in room 16-038. < < <
Country presentations + Cultural and country-specific activities + Much more!
Meet & Mingle: You are invited! Meet international students & friends.

ISO-TUTORIALS | study group | only possible with advance consultation!
>>> Every Wednesday 3-5pm at UCB. < < <
Contact and registration via email HERE.

ISO-TUTORIALS | Students German language courses and specialized courses | only possible with advance consultation!
> > > Appointments by individual arrangement at UCB. < < <
Contact and registration via email HERE.

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