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What should I do if I am a student at UCB and currently abroad?

As students who are currently abroad, you are currently in a difficult situation in which Trier UAS would like to provide you with as much support as possible. At the moment you are mostly prevented from returning or isolated; teaching is now discontinued in many countries. Please contact your contact person at the International Office and the respective supervising professors, so that we know how you are and we can establish a contact for further information.

Please check whether it is possible to extend your stay, especially to avoid travel. Traveling to Germany is currently prohibited by the state and federal governments from designated risk areas, and there are also numerous travel restrictions worldwide. The best thing to do on site is to wait until the current situation has relaxed again. Where an extension of the stay is not possible due to organizational or personal reasons, and a return trip is still possible, you should in any case maintain a 14-day domestic quarantine after returning.

We will of course act with the greatest possible goodwill in terms of deadlines. Students who make an Erasmus stay in regions affected by the coronavirus and cancel it receive early Erasmus support, even if the minimum duration is not reached, for the days spent abroad. Regions that are declared risk areas by the respective national authority are also considered to be affected regions, not just the risk areas of the RKI. Due to the exceptional circumstances, shortened or aborted stays abroad can also be recognized as a course achievement.

If you have practical problems abroad (money, accommodation, illness, etc.), you should not hesitate to contact the German diplomatic and consular representations, which can provide assistance to Germans abroad.
Of course, the situation is emotionally very stressful for you. Be assured that we as your home university do everything we can to support you. We wish all of our students abroad that they get through this time as well as possible.

Stay healthy!

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What should I do if I am an international student abroad who is planning to study at UCB during the summer semester 2020?

We are grateful and appreciative that you have chosen Trier University of Applied Sciences, Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld for your stay abroad.

Due to the current situation and the current travel restrictions, we recommend international students who are planning to study at the Trier University of Applied Sciences in the summer semester 2020 not to travel to the university until at least April 20. travel to Germany is currently prohibited by the state and federal governments from designated risk areas, and there are also numerous travel restrictions worldwide. The best thing to do is to wait in your country of origin until the current situation has improved again. We hope that this will be the case, but cannot say how the dynamic situation will develop.

As of today, on-site lectures at Trier UAS are scheduled to begin on April 20. In many of our degree programs, you will be able to access virtual content beforehand. Please wait til further notice.

If you would like to start your stay at Trier UAS after lectures have restarted, or at a later date, we will be happy to support you in all administrative matters such as enrollment, postponing your stay, etc.

Please contact our international office by email or by phone to receive more information and advice, or to answer any questions you might have.

We hope you that you will get through this difficult time well!

Information on the current measures at the university on our website at


Service facilities closed to the public!
A personal visit is only possible in urgent cases after prior consultation by phone or e-mail!
We are currently examining all possibilities around online consultation hours and events. Hopefully we will start in the end of March.
For our students: Get familiar with the DFNConf Portal and our Learning Platforms which will certainly be used for further online offers in the near future!
Take good care of yourself and others around!

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