Institute for Biotechnical Process Design (IBioPD)

Processes and production methods in the biotechnological and (bio-)pharmaceutical industry are characterized by technical complexity because of a high level of linkage of numerous sub processes. Furthermore economic, ethical, regulatory and environ­mental issues have direct effects on the process design.

The Institute for Biotechnical Process Design (IBioPD) has set itself the objective to realize and to analyse complete processes with an interdisciplinary approach as well as to optimize these processes in order to preserve resources. Embedded in the infrastructure of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, the institute provides ideal conditions for cooperation partners to use the existing expertise.

Our team possesses a widespread know-how in the field of production processes – especially in the biopharmaceutical area – as well as in (bio-)chemical analytics. Due to this knowledge biotechnical and pharmaceutical issues can be handled. Besides considering fundamental scientifically fields like

  • (molecular) biology, biotechnology,
  • chemistry and analytics

the institute also treats especially engineering aspects like

  • bioprocess engineering,
  • up- and downstream processing,
  • pharmaceutical technology,
  • measuring and control technology,
  • process automation.

At the institute complete production processes could be developed or optimized from a single source. The compliance of pharmaceutical quality standards and a statistically correct data acquisition provide the necessary basis for this.

At the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld a com­prehensive laboratory and pilot plant equipment is available for R&D projects. The infrastructure also includes a mechanical workshop, which offers a broad pallet of suitable production processes on-site.

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