Journal Articles / book publications

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Judith Stiefelmaier and Susanne Schaefer, Dorina Strieth, Jens Weiermüller, Jakob Walther, Jonas Chodorski, Ulrich Bröckel, Roland Ulber: Cover Picture ChemBioEng Reviews 1/2022, February 2022 Vol.9(1) DOI:

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Presentations at national and international conferences

Schreier J., Bröckel U.: The Morphology of Graphite Agglomerates During the Spherical Agglomeration Process, Partec, Nürnberg, 2023

Schreier J., Bröckel U.: Morphological Study of Microagglomerates Obtained by Spherical Agglomeration Using X-ray Microtomography, WCPT 9, Madrid, 2022

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Schreier J., Bröckel U.: Multidimensional Material Separation due to Selective Spherical Agglomeration, ECCE 13, Online Event, 2021

Schreier J., Bröckel U.: Selective Agglomeration of Graphite in a Heterogeneous Suspension – Effect of Contact Angle, Partec, Nürnberg, April 2019

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