Workshop for optimizing 5-axis CNC machines at the Environmental Campus

To be able to critically evaluate and compare the growing number of 5-axis milling machines brought onto the market, NC Gesellschaft e.V. developed a test workpiece as early as 2005, which enables the dynamic synchronization of machine axes and milling operations to be examined. The program data of this test part have been managed by the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld since the NC Gesellschaft e.V. was dissolved in 2019.

A workshop with Hans Vogler, one of the developers of this test part, took place on 23 and 24 January 2020. Several colleagues from the industry gladly used this opportunity for an exchange of information in the field of multi-axis CNC machining. The experience that Mr. Vogler has built up from his development and consulting activities from the beginnings of NC control until today was a great enrichment for the participants. In addition to employees and students of the department of environmental planning/environmental technology, employees of Siemens AG from the field of NC controls and Optimum Maschinen GmbH, which is the lender of a 5-axis machining center for 3D printing trials on campus, also took part. In addition to the adaptation of control parameters directly on the machine, Siemens employee and application engineer Wolfgang Reichart gave a presentation on individual cycles for 5-axis programming and the mutual influence of machine and program parameters on each other. In the course of the workshop, several test pieces were produced on the milling machine and examined about running time and occurred geometric deviations. Important information for postprocessor programming was exchanged, and open technical questions were discussed.

Also, valuable tips for the optimized interaction of machine and control system concerning 3D printing were collected. All in all, all participants were able to take away with them something new from the two days, and the food for thought collected. The in-depth understanding of this central core technology of industrial manufacturing represents a lasting enrichment for all.


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Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen
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