The following notes and rules must be kept in mind when writing scientific theses (Bachelor and Master):

Notes on the preparation of scientific theses (Prof. Dr. te Heesen)
Notes on technical reports (Prof. Dr. Preußler) (in German)

You can download the following files as sample documents for your scientific texts or presentations. The main form and layout specifications are preset in the files. Please consult your supervising professor regarding formatting and layout.
Sample document for scientific papers for MS Word
Sample presentation for MS PowerPoint

Logo of the Umwelt-Campus for download:
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Energy System Technology

Modelling of Energy Clusters (te Heesen)

Study Courses: Bachelor: AI, EE, SBT, UI, UP # Master: AI, IMAT, UET

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen

Current tasks in the project:

  • Research and data maintenance of energy generation systems and energy consumption units
  • Modelling and simulation of energy flows
  • Development of scripts for automatic data integration and consistency checks
  • Development of evaluation and prognosis algorithms

Website with information about the research project ENMOSA
Project information for energy cluster modelling

[Assigned] Synthesis of Minute Values (te Heesen)

Study Courses: Master: AI, IMAT, UET

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen


  • Research for existing algorithms for the synthesis of minute values (literature or program code)
  • Implementation of the algorithm in Python for (at least) one energy technology application (e.g. solar irradiation, yield of wind turbines, power load profile)
  • Validation of the algorithm

Download project information

Tasks in Photovoltaics (te Heesen)

Study Courses: Bachelor: AI, EE, SBT, UI, UP # Master: AI, IMAT, UET

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen


  • Further development of a web application for yield optimization (UCB PVapp)
  • Yield analysis of PV systems in Europe
  • Location optimisation of PV carports for properties in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (assigned)

Website for the yield study of PV systems
Website UCP PVapp
Project information "Tasks for Photovoltaics"

[Assigned] Feasibility Study for Floating Photovoltaic System (te Heesen)

Study Courses: IMAT, UET; EE, SBT, UP

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen


  • Technical and economical design of a floating photovoltaic system on the Steinbachtalsperre dam, taking into account the plant‘s own consumption
  • Identification of environmental legal requirements regarding the installation and operation of floating PV systems on drinking water storage lakes

Project information "Floating Photovoltaic System"

Production Technology

Resource-Efficient Rapid Prototyping (te Heesen)

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen


  • Design, development and optimisation of workpieces
  • Metrological monitoring of the manufacturing process
  • Conventional and generative manufacturing of components
  • Evaluation and writing of the results

Further information on the research project RERAP

Further topics for theses can be found at the professors of the IBT:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Geib
Prof. Dr.-Ing Wolfgang Gerke
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gutheil
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Krieg
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Preußler
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Vette-Steinkamp
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wahl
Stefan Hirsch


Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen
Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen
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