Notes on project work and thesis

When creating your project work or your thesis, you should keep the following information in mind:

Rules for final thesis with Professor te Heesen (in German)
(Status: October 2021)
Compilation of hints on how to write a scientific thesis at the lab of Prof. te Heesen.

Download notes on the preparation of scientific theses (in German)
(Status: August 2023)
The aim of this document is to provide graduates with a guide that lists the essential points that should be considered when writing a scientific paper. In addition to information on the general procedure, structure and structure of the work, this includes information on the layout and content, in particular with regard to language, figures and tables.

The document was supplemented by notes on the preparation of lectures. This includes in particular the colloquium lecture on the defence of your thesis.

You can download the following files as sample documents for your scientific texts or presentations. The essential form and layout specifications are preset in the files.
Template for scientific papers for MS Word (Status: 22 May 2019)
Template presentation for MS PowerPoint

How to write a scientific report. A brief introduction (in English)
(Status: September 2020)
This document in English serves as a Word template and as an aid for writing a (scientific) report as part of a term paper.

The logo of the Umwelt-Campus for download:
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PDF format

Further information can also be found on the website of our library.

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