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The Institute for Operations and Technology Management offers three bachelor's and one master's programmes.

Mechanical Engineering - Product Development (B. Eng.)

The Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering - Product Development and Technical Planning provides students with a sound knowledge of the natural sciences and engineering, enabling them to analyse and structure a wide range of technical tasks and to apply scientific methods in a targeted manner. The program offers attractive opportunities for specialization in the areas of product development and operations and technology management, with a focus on the practical implementation of computer-aided technologies.

Further information on the study programme Mechanical Engineering - Product Development and Technical Planning (B. Eng.)

Production Technology (B. Eng.) - Dual Study Programme

The dual course of studies enables training as an industrial mechanic or in a related metalworking profession and subsequently leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree with a focus on production technology. It thus comprises two high-quality, Europe-wide recognised vocational qualifications (IHK and university degree).

This dual course of study is characterised by training in a cooperative network consisting of industrial companies, chambers of commerce, training centres and vocational schools in the region and the Birkenfeld Environmental Campus of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. The systematic alternation between theoretical and practical phases and the close coordination of the cooperation partners lead to an academically high-quality, but at the same time practice-oriented education.

The organisational and content coordination of training and study content shortens the entire training period and leads to an earlier career entry with a smooth transition from studies to work. During the training, financial security is provided by a training allowance; after completion of the studies, excellent job and career opportunities result.

Further information on the dual study programme Production Technology (B. Eng.)

Renewable Energies (B. Sc.)

The programme is intended to enable graduates to obtain a Bachelor of Science as their first scientific degree qualifying them for a profession and is the prerequisite for a Master's programme in the fields of industrial engineering, energy, engineering or economics.

The aim of the course is to train industrial engineers who structure industry and the energy sector in terms of sustainable development on the basis of interdisciplinary thinking. The aim of the training is to provide graduates with the essential engineering and economic basic qualifications in a relatively short course of study qualifying them for a profession. Elective courses offer the opportunity to further supplement and deepen this knowledge or to acquire a broader qualification profile through other thematic courses.

Further information on the study programme Renewable Energies (B. Sc.)

Digital Product Development - Mechanical Engineering (M. Eng.)

The course of studies Digital Product Development - Mechanical Engineering (Master of Engineering) networks product development, production planning and production via the integration of information systems in order to map these processes holistically in the computer. The aim of the course is to provide students with in-depth knowledge in the application of computer-aided methods in the various areas of industrial companies. This enables graduates to solve challenging tasks in development, design, planning and production with the help of modern computer workstations and to further develop the use of virtual processes in companies.

Further information on the Master's programme in Digital Product Development (M. Eng.)


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Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen
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