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In the last semesters, students at IBT have created different MS Excel tools to work on typical tasks in power engineering. These tools are now online and freely available on the institute's website so that interested students can use the tools.

In the (regenerative) energy technology, some questions recur time and again and for which students or users create an appropriate tool in the rules in Excel to work on the task. We have started to develop Excel tools for these specific topics. The compilation of the tools includes so far:

Conversion of time series values. Regularly (energy) data from time series have to be aggregated to daily or monthly values in 15-minute or hourly intervals. To automate this recurring task, the time series data can be transferred to the Excel spreadsheet for further direct processing of the aggregated or re-sorted data.

Photovoltaics with battery storage. The yield data of a photovoltaic system and the power consumption data can be entered into the tool. Battery storage can be dimensioned and analyzed to optimize their power consumption from the PV system. Instead of own yield and consumption data, reference energy data can also be used.

Dimensioning of a heat storage tank. A heat storage unit can be planned and dimensioned by the design of a PV system with battery storage. The heat storage tank's relevant key figures are determined from heat load profile data and generate data of a heating system.

Load profile analysis. A central component of energy data analysis is the examination of load profile data (electricity or heat). With the Excel file's help, the load profiles can be analyzed in terms of distribution over the day and concerning reference days (working day, Saturday, Sunday/holiday).

Synthesis of electricity and heat load data. In accordance with VDI 4655, electricity, heating, and hot water consumption for single and multi-family houses are synthesized in 15-minute intervals. In addition to the annual consumption values, the ambient temperature and the cloud cover must be entered.

Economic efficiency of energy technology systems. The profitability of the investment in energy technology plants can be examined with this Excel tool's help based on the net present value method. The tool calculates the net current value taking into account the different costs and revenues and price increases and thus makes a statement about the economic concept.

Further tools will be developed and made available free of charge soon. We have put the use of the tools under the GNU General Public License. We are grateful for any feedback and comments regarding the use of the Excel energy tools.

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