Guideline to climate-neutral home construction

Handing over of the climate guide by Prof. te Heesen (2nd from left) to the VG mayor Uwe Weber (2nd from right). Photo: VG Herrstein-Rhaunen.

Building owners of the new development area in Rhaunen can look forward to a guide to climate-friendly construction and operation of their building. In close cooperation with the Institute for Operations and Technology Management (IBT) at the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld under the direction of Prof. Dr. te Heesen and the climate protection department of the municipality of Herrstein-Rhaunen with the former climate protection manager Christoph Benkendorff, the city of Rhaunen developed a guideline for the greenhouse-gas-neutral construction and operation of the new homes. "We are proud to be able to present a blueprint for the entire region in cooperation with the Environmental Campus, which will considerably simplify the construction and energy supply of your buildings for our future fellow citizens", says the local mayor Klingel.

The guideline will be handed over to the building owners when they purchase a land plot and will provide useful information on energy efficiency throughout the construction process. Starting with helpful explanations on the subject of climate protection and energy efficiency, information on exterior walls, windows, roof, and system technology, through to the correct selection of the electrical appliances to be used later, the guide covers a wide range of topics. Also, the guide deals with funding opportunities. "For me, this guide is a welcome tool for promoting the incentive for energy-efficient construction in rural areas," says Benkendorff.

"The local communities in the Herrstein-Rhaunen district usually do not have the financial means to create monetary incentives in new development areas. Nor does the integration of conditions in the development plans appear to be target-oriented at present, even though I would like to see this happen". The close cooperation with the Environmental Campus, which has been maintained for years, helps the community work out scientifically supported alternatives. VG-mayor Uwe Weber accepted the guideline gratefully for the municipality because the guideline can be transferred in the future to new building areas in the complete municipality and beyond. "The transferability was an important aspect of the guideline because if CO2 emissions are reduced in the municipality, it is dependent on the participation of the population," said Weber. "We try to support the citizens in the best possible way, among other things with such guidelines," Weber continues. 


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