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Distribution of the specific yield of roof-top PV systems 2019 in Germany

The yields of photovoltaic systems were slightly above average in 2019. All PV systems in Germany fed a total of 46.54 TWh of electrical energy into…

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To be able to critically evaluate and compare the growing number of 5-axis milling machines brought onto the market, NC Gesellschaft e.V. developed a…

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On Monday, January 13, 2020, the "Innovation Laboratory for Digitalization" funded by the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung was opened at the Umwelt-Campus…

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Opening of the laboratory for additive manufacturing

The additive manufacturing day, in which around 60 visitors from politics and industry as well as numerous interested students took part, was opened…

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Distribution of the annual specific yield in Germany from 2012 to 2018 and for the long-term average.

There is a new publication of the research group of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (Prof. te Heesen and Prof. Rumpler) and the Ulm University of…

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The additive production machine based on metal powder was well secured and packaged for the Laboratory for Generative Manufacturing at the Institute…

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Filaments 3D printing

"Our Common Future - Pupils, Teachers, Scientists Researching for Tomorrow's World" funding programme. This is the big question that 19 pupils of the…

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IBT at the CityCampus Trier

At this year's City Campus in Trier, the Institute for Operations and Technology Management (IBT) presented its current research activities to a broad…

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Unloading of the CNC machine for the Environmental Campus

Just in time for the start of the winter semester in October, the mechanical engineers at the Umwelt-Campus received a modern CNC machine for research…

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