FFF/FDM 3D printer in ComPrintMetal3D project

Here we want to give you a small overview of the devices used in the project.


This is in no way for advertising purposes or the like. The devices were purchased aufgund different Augenmerke, which does not mean that there may be comparable or better models with lower costs on the free market.

3D-printer FFF/FDM

Markforged Metal X

The Markforged Metal X is a system specifically designed for filament-based metal printing. The system is supplied with a washing and sintering station.
The price for this system is about 180.000€.


Technical data:

  • build volume: 300x200x180mm³
  • heated vacuum pressure bed
  • closed heated construction space
  • 2 extruders

Location: Université du Luxembourg

Evo-Tech EL-102

The EL-102 from Evo-Tech is a printer in the professional range. Due to its large volume and its asus equipment, it is suitable for the production of plastic components. The price of such a device is about 50.000€.


Technical data:

  • build volume 500x400x510 mm³
  • heated vacuum pressure bed max. 200°C
  • closed heated construction space
  • pressure temperature max. 400°C
  • 2 extruders
  • filament drying

Location: Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Funmat Intamsys HT

(Kopie 3)

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Der Intamsys Funmat HT ist ein Drucker der dafür ausgelegt ist, hochtemeratur Kunststoffe drucken zu können. Der Preis für diesen Modell liegt bei ca. 5.000€.

Technische Daten:

  • Bauvolumen: 260x260x260mm³
  • beheiztes Druckbett max. 150°C
  • beheizter Bauraum max. 90°C
  • Drucktemperatur max. 400°C


  • Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
  • Université du Luxembourg
Prusa i3MKs

The Prusa i3 Mks is a portal printer that belongs to the upper entry-level category. The price for this printer is about 750€.


Technical data:

  • Installation space: 250x210x210 mm³
  • Heated buildplate up to 105°C
  • Single extruder
  • Printing temperatures up to 280°C


  • Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
  • Université du Luxembourg
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