SLM 3D printer in ComPrintMetal3D project

Here we want to give you a small overview of the devices used in the project. The printers that create components using the SLM process are shown here.

This is in no way intended for advertising purposes or anything similar. The devices were purchased due to various considerations, which does not mean that there are comparable or better models with lower costs on the free market.

3D-printer SLM

EOS 290M

Technical data:

Build volume: 250 x 250 x 325 mm (height including build platform).
Laser type: Yb fiber laser; 400 W
Focus diameter: 100µm

Location: Any-Shape S.A.


Renishaw AM 400

Technical data:

Build volume: 250x250x300mm³.
Laser type: fiber laser; 400 W
focus diameter: 70µm
Layer height: 20 - 100µm


Location: Environmental Campus Birkenfeld


One Klick Metal MPrint+

Technical data:

Construction volume: 150x150x150mm³.
Laser type: fiber laser 200W
focus diameter: 45µm
Layer height: 20 - 80µm

Location: Environmental Campus Birkenfeld


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