In order to be able to make a statement regarding the tolerances of the individual methods and printers, in the ComPrintMetal3D project each sample is 100% scanned with a Zeiss Comet L3d 5M 3D and thus digitized. To verify this result, a small number of samples will also be measured tactilely on the Zeiss DuraMax. From this data, a report will be created to show a direction for the different methods and devices.
To get an overview of the used devices, you can have a look at the accordion below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Zeiss Comet L3D 5M

The Comet L3D 5M is a scanner that captures the object by means of fringe light projection. The captured images are assembled by software support and a point cloud is obtained, which can be further processed. Click here to learn more about this device.


Possibilities for this:

  • Initial sample inspection report
  • reverse engineering
  • Production monitoring

The accuracy of the measuring system is 30-80 μm, depending on the measuring field used.

Location: Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Zeiss T-Scan CS

The T-Scan CS is a laser scanner that detects an object using the line intersection method. The system comprises 2 measuring units that are required simultaneously. Thus, in a working space of about 6.4 m³ images of an object can be made. The made recordings are put together by software support and one receives a point cloud which can be processed further.


Possibilities for this:

  • Capture of large objects
  • Reverse engineering

The accuracy of the system is in the range of 50μm±50μm/m.

Location: Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld

Zeiss DuraMax

The DuraMax from Zeiss is a coordinate measuring machine for measuring surfaces in all 3 planes. Measurements with very high accuracies can be achieved via the single point measurements. Measurements can be performed manually or also CNC supported.


The length deviation is 2.7 µm+ L/250 (at 18-26°C) and the measuring range is 500x500x500 mm:

Möglichkeiten hierzu:

  • Initial sample inspection report
  • Production monitoring

Location: htw saar

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wahl
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