Gastvorträge 2020

„Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surface Variables“

Referent: Prof. Dr. Thomas Udelhoven, Universität Trier, Environmental Remote Sensing & Geoinformatics Department
Termin: 13.01.2020, 13:00 Uhr, Raum 17-027

The land is of particular importance to the human being, not only because it is our, as well as terrestrial biomes’, habitat, but the land surface also plays a unique role in the Earth system. Data on the status and dynamics of the land surface variables are essential for understanding the land surface processes and entangling interactions between the land and other Earth system components. Since the emergence of remote sensing, the land surface is among its key study domains.

Today, numerous parameters regarding the land surface properties can be estimated with the help of remote sensing, to name a few, surface cover type, snow cover and amount, surface altitude, surface radiative fluxes, biophysical parameters, biochemical variables, vegetation structure, and many other variables.

Whithin his speech, Prof. Udelhoven will give an overview to the past and ongoing projects the University Trier and it´s partners are running in this application domain.


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