Chinese-German Study Seminar "Information Systems in Land Management" (10. - 20th of July 2020) 中德研究研讨会“土地管理信息系统”(2020年7月10日至20日)

Climate change, conflicts between food and energy supply, the loss of biodiversity, demographic changes and the intensive use of land by settlements, transport and business require innovative and regionally adapted solutions. This task can be solved only with well-founded ecosystem knowledge, which results from long-term environmental observations.

But, environmental data processing appears to be a complex field. It places special requirements on the collection and administration, processing and user-friendly preparation and provision of high quality data and information. Although there are hardly any national differences between China and Germany in the information technology and the collection and processing of the data, these are all the more apparent due to the regionally different natural conditions and, in particular, due to different socio-cultural contexts.

Beside the presentation of national german information systems in land management, the latter points will be analyzed as one part of the study seminar and worked up for a better understanding of the respective systems.

Programme and schedule will be communicated soon.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer-Stabel (

当今全球气候变化,生物多样性的流失,粮食和能源供应之间的冲突 ,人口数量的变化分配不均以及居住,运输和商业对土地的过度占用,这一系列正在发生的危机都急需要有一些新型的因地制宜的解决方案。解决这些问题的关键就在于拥有扎实的生态系统知识,而且这些知识是基于对环境长期的观察得出的。



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