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General information on intramural loan

As a registered user of the Campus Library, you can use the internal or intramural loan system of the three campus libraries of Trier University of Applied Sciences and have media from Trier or Idar-Oberstein delivered to the Environmental Campus. Possible are:

  • lending books,
  • ordering article copies (journals).

The loan is free. Ordering an article copy is also free to a certain extent.

The following overview contains the most important information about internal lending.

Information: loan

Research Trier & Idar-Oberstein

In order to research the stocks of the libraries in Trier and Idar-Oberstein, the OPAC of the Trier University of Applied Sciences is at your disposal (OPAC = Online Public Access Catalog).

It covers both stocks.

Link to the catalogue: OPAC Trier UAS (locations Trier und Idar-Oberstein)

Order Requirements

Media can only be ordered by intramural (internal) loan from Trier or Idar-Oberstein, if they:

  • do not belong to the non-lending stock or to the special collection of the libraries there,
  • are not included in the stock of the Environmental Campus Library.

To request a book or an article copy via the intramural (internal) loan service, please send an e-mail with the desired title and the respective call number (shelf number, shelfmark) to fernleihe[at]

Online forms for internal lending will follow shortly.

Delivery Time

To give a reliable delivery time is not possible. Experience shows that your order arrives at the Umwelt-Campus within a few days.

Notification & Pick Up

As soon as your order has arrived at the library of the Environmental Campus, you will be notified by the interlibrary loan team via e-mail. You can then pick up the medium at the information desk of the library.

Loan periods & Renewal

As a rule, you can use books borrowed via intramural (internal) loan for six weeks. To extend the loan period, send an e-mail to the interlibrary loan team one to three days before the loan period expires with the request for extension.

E-mail interlibrary loan team: fernleihe[at]

Copies of articles become your property.


To return borrowed books, please use the return terminal in the room in front of the library. Simply let the medium slide through the slot and it will be automatically be charged back from your account.

Press the button on the right to get a return receipt.

Article copies do not have to be returned, they remain in your possession.

Overdue Fee

Overdue fees are charged for all books that you have borrowed via intramural (internal) loan and returned or extended too late:

  • per medium and per day: 2,00 EUR


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