General information on lending

The library of the Environmental Campus offers a stock of approximately 55,000 printed and audiovisual media units (books, magazines, DVDs, etc.) and about 40,000 e-books. Much of it can be borrowed or downloaded free of charge.

In addition, you have the option of using USB sticks, iPads, e-readers and energy-saving package ("devices"). Here a usage fee has to be paid in some cases.

In the following overview you will find the most important information about lending and device usage.


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Information: lending and e-book download

Download: E-Books

Background: The stock of the library offers you about 36,000 e-books. These will not be borrowed ("Onleihe"), but can be downloaded permanently by you as PDF documents free of charge.

Procedure: The e-books can be researched via the online catalogue. You will recognize them in the hit list by the addition "[eBook]" behind the main title of the book. Follow the "Electronic Access" link to access the book in a database and download it as needed.

Requirement for the download: use of a campus computer, setup of a VPN connection or authentication via Shibboleth.

Legal information: please note!

  • copies of digital products may only be used within the scope of the copyright law (§ 53 UrhG), that means exclusively for private or other own use; for this purpose, a storage on USB stick and print copy is possible.
  • forwarding to external persons is not permitted.
  • the use of bot programs is prohibited.
Lending: Printed & Audiovisual Media

Background: Books, AV media (e.g. DVDs) and journals can be borrowed by you free of charge. Requirement: They are not part of the library's non-lending or special collection.

Procedure: The printed and audiovisual media can be researched via the online catalogue. If there is a hit, you will find a call number in the display (e.g. "phil Ac 014"). It tells you where to find the medium in the bookshelves. The self-check terminals serve for lending.

Use of the self-check terminals:

  1. Hold your student or service card to the reading device (at the right) or enter the library ID using the "Enter ID" button.
  2. Enter the library PIN and wait for the account to be checked.
  3. Place the medium on teh marked area (green light: lending was successful).
  4. If applicable, place further media one after the other on the marked area.
  5. Finally: Demand printed or electronic receipt if desired.
Lending Periods

Media can only be borrowed from you for a certain period of time. For printed or audiovisual works, the loan periods (or: lending periods) are as follows:

  • books (lending collection): 28 days
  • AV media (e. g. DVDs): 7 days
  • bound journals: 7 days
  • unbound journals: 1 day

Background: You have the possibility to extend the lending period of a borrowed medium. Requirements are:

  • It is a book or AV medium (DVD etc.). Un-/bound journals cannot be renewed.
  • There is no reservation for the medium by another user.
  • The maximum number of possible renewals has not yet been reached (for books 8, for AV media 1).

Procedure: The renewal can be carried out

  • autonomous via your library account in the online catalogue (see below)
  • personally, at the information desk
  • by phone:  06782 17-1477 (information desk)
  • by e-mail: bibliothek[at]umwelt-campus.de

Library account: Execution of a renewal

  1. Open the online catalog and click on "My Account" in the top menu bar.
  2. Log in with your library ID and PIN.
  3. Select tab "Checkouts" in your user account. You will receive a list of your loans, sorted by date of loan.
  4. Select individual tracks or click on "Select All" in the upper area. Then press "Renew".
  5. Confirm your renewal request.
  6. You will see an overview of the selected items indicating whether the renewal was successful or failed.

To return borrowed media (books, DVDs, etc.) please use the return terminal in the 24/7 room in front of the library ("Bib 24/7"). Simply let the media slide through the return slot; it will be automatically returned.

Press the button on the right to get a return receipt.

Overdue Fee

Overdue fees are charged for all media you have borrowed and returned or extended too late:

  • books: per medium and per started week 2.00 EUR
  • AV media (DVDs etc.): per medium and per commenced week 2.00 EUR
  • bound journals: per medium and per commenced week 2.00 EUR
  • unbound journals: per medium and per commenced day 2.00 EUR
  • media from intramural (internal) lending: per medium and per commenced day 2.00 EUR
  • interlibrary loan: per medium and per commenced day 2.00 EUR

Background: If you search the online catalogue for a particular medium, it may happen that all its copies have already been borrowed. You will get a first indication of this if the button "Place hold" appears on the right side of the hit list.

In this case, click on the title of the hit to call up the detail view. All copies of the medium are listed in it. If all items are borrowed that are not part of the non-lending stock or the special collection, you have the option of reserving one of the copies.

Procedure: execution of a reservation

  1. In the hit display, click on "Place hold" and authenticate with your library ID and PIN. Confirm your request.
  2. Once the next available copy has been returned, you will receive a message.
  3. You can pick up the item from the reservation shelf of the library and borrow it via the self-check terminals as normal.

Important: A medium will be deposited for you in the reservation shelf for seven days. Then the reservation expires. If you want to check your reservations or cancel one of them, you can do so through your user account.

Library Account

Background: Your online library account allows you i. a. to keep track of your loans and return dates, to extend loan periods and to cancel reservations.

Procedure: Calling up your library account

  1. Open the online catalogue.
  2. Select "My Account" in the top menu bar. To log in, you must enter your library ID and library PIN.
  3. Use one of the tabs: a) personal information, e. g. to change PIN or to set up SMS notifications, b) checkouts, e. g. to renew media, c) holds, e. g. to cancel reservations or d) fines.
PIN forgotten?

In case you have forgotten your PIN, you have several options to get a new password:

  • Come to the information desk or send us an e-mail. You will receive a new PIN from us.
  • Use the library catalogue eBib to get a new password by your own:
    1. Click on "Log In" or "My Account" in the upper menu bar of the eBib. A login window will open.
    2. Select "Forgot my PIN". Another window will open.
    3. Enter your user ID / matriculation number and click on "Submit".
    A new PIN will automatically be sent to your e-mail address stored in the library system.

Information: device usage

Device Range & Usage Fees

The following devices can be borrowed from you at the information desk for the following usage fees:

  • eBook Reader Sony PRS-600 (search in eBib: "eBookReader")
    Usage fee: 3.00 EUR
  • energy saving package with No-Energy 3680 + NZR (search in eBib: "Energiesparpaket")
    Usage fee: none
  • iPad4 Retina Display (search in eBib: "iPad4")
    Usage fee: 3.00 EUR
  • iPad mini (search in eBib: "iPad mini")
    Usage fee: 3.00 EUR
  • USB stick Corsair Survivor (search in eBib: "USB-Stick")
    Usage fee: none
Loan Periods & Renewal

The devices can only be used by you for a certain period of time. The lending periods (or: loan periods) are:

  • e-book reader: 14 days
  • energy saving package: 7 days
  • iPad Retina Display: 7 days
  • iPad mini: 7 days
  • USB stick: 1 day

An extension of the lending periods is not possible.


Please return borrowed equipment at the library information desk.

Overdue Fee

For all devices that you return too late, you will be charged for delays:

  • per commenced day 2.00 EUR

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