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What do research portals offer me?

Search portals bundle information resources from one or more specialist areas. In general, they can be used to query several search tools at the same time, such as search engines and databases, via a single search query.

Use ...

  • subject-specific portals to search for literature references (incl. procurement references), full texts or other information (e.g. event references).   
  • multidisciplinary portals to make your search even broader and more comprehensive.


  • Link: Digital Library (DigiBib)
  • Subjects: multidisciplinary, i. a. agricultural sciences, architecture, biology, chemistry, computer science, art and design, mathematics, medicine, physics, law, technology, environment, economics
  • Description (DBIS): The DigiBib digital library is a meta-search engine that enables simultaneous searches in German union catalogues, databases and international library catalogues (as at 05/2018). Supplement: Under the tab "Additional E-Media" you will find subject-specific link collections that will remit you to databases or specialist websites.
  • Link: DISCO Trier UAS
  • Access: Search free, download licensed content via campus computer, VPN or Shibboleth if necessary.
  • Content: The discovery system DISCO of Trier University of Applied Sciences is a multidisciplinary search portal that allows you to search via several scientific search tools simultaneously. Among other things, the following are queried during a search:

    - the two logical library catalogues of Trier University of Applied Sciences
    - scientific search engines (BASE, OpenAIRE Explore)
    - some licensed databases of Trier University (Business Source Premier, DACH Information, SpringerLink, wiso)
    - databases with partly free content such as IEEE Xplore and MEDLINE
    - metasearch tools such as DOAJ.

    You can use the following functions and options, among others:

    - filters to limit your hit list (e.g. publication period, language, etc.)
    - operators to formulate your search queries (AND, OR, NOT, "...", Nx, * etc.)
    - SmartText search to increase your search results (you can enter whole text sections for the search)
    - print and save hits or metadata
    - citation help and export to literature management programmes
    - personal user account with administration options and search alarm.
The Lens
  • Link: The Lens
  • Infotext: The Lens is a metadata aggregator that supports the discovery, analysis, management and sharing of scientific documents. It allows searching for scientific literature and patents (including citation indexing).
webis Blog (directory)
  • Link: webis (SUB Hamburg)
  • Description: On the webis page of the Hamburg State and University Library you will find a list of all currently available German virtual subject libraries and subject portals.


Arthistoricum (Art, Photography, Design)
  • Link: Specialist Service Arthistoricum (Art, Photography, Design)
  • Subjects: art history, design
  • Description (DBIS): is a modular portal for art history research and teaching. It is a joint portal of the Heidelberg University Library and the Saxon State Library, State and University Library Dresden (SLUB), which is operated in cooperation with the Institute for Art History of the LMU Munich and other partners. allows a comprehensive research on the entire spectrum of art history: starting with the medieval and modern art history of the European countries and art influenced by Europe in the USA, Canada and Australia, throughout the period from the early Christian era to 1945 - united in the Heidelberg Collection focus art history. Subsequently, it continued with the entire history of art since 1945 of the countries of Europe and North America as components of the Dresden collection focus on contemporary art.
    The most comprehensive proof of art-historical publications, whether printed, hybrid or genuinely published online forms the core of the search. With the components "Publishing" and "Reviews" supports internet-based scientific work and publishing in the sense of Open Access. In the "Topics" section, offers digital copies of specialized text collections as well as access and information on research-relevant image sources. Together with the "theme portals", forums on individual aspects of art and art history will be presented beyond the literature. A blog on numerous art-science topics completes the offer (Stand: 05/2018).

EconBiz (Economics)
  • Link: EconBiz
  • Subjects: business administration and economics, agriculture and forestry, fisheries, home economics, nutrition
  • Description (DBIS): EconBiz is a research portal or discovery system for economics. It offers i. a .: (a) literature search in important German and international economic databases, including the holdings of ZBW, (b) access to free and licensed full texts on the Internet and (c) an event calendar for economic events the information service "Research Guide EconDesk" who answers questions on business topics and literature research.

    Under the menu item "Scientific Work" you will find (a) the research course "Guided Walk": research, full-text access, citation, (b) short video courses on topics of information-literacy and (c) how-to-guides.

    ECONIS, the catalog of the ZBW, Leibniz Information Center for Economics, is fully contained in EconBiz (State: 05/2018).

fidmath (Mathematics)
  • Link: Specialist Information Service Mathematics (fidmath)
  • Subjects: mathematics, computer science
  • Description (DBIS): The research portal of the Specialized Information Service Mathematics (fidmath) offers a central search entry for many mathematical information sources (including library catalogs, collections of reviews, preprint servers, magazines, mathematically relevant websites). It is based on the Virtual Library of Mathematics (vifamath). In addition to an overall search in all connected sources, the subject information service also offers separate search entries into the various source types as well as a thematic-hierarchical approach. The “specialized information service mathematics” is funded by the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (SUB Göttingen) and the Technische Informationsbibliothek Hannover (TIB Hannover). Both libraries are supported by the Mathematische Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO). It is a DFG project that aims to develop an infrastructure for the supraregional provision of mathematical literature and information as well as related services (State: 05/2018). / IEEE Xplore (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
  • Link: / IEEE Xplore Digital Library
  • Subjects: Electrical engineering, measurement and control technology, energy, environmental protection, nuclear technology, computer science, engineering (general)
  • Description: The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is a professional association for electrical and information technology engineers. The website of the institute offers i. a. the ability to search the database "IEEE Xplore Digital Library" (Stand: 05/2018).
IREON (Economics, Energy, Environmental Protection)
  • Link: IREON - The International Relations and Area Studies Gateway
  • Subjects: economics, energy, environmental protection, nuclear technology, geography, political science
  • Description: IREON offers you references and full texts of

    - foreign and security issues
    - international economic and development policy cooperation
    - european and transatlantic topics
    - regional and country related issues worldwide
    - foreign cultural policy
    - international aspects of climate, environment and energy
    - international security policy
    - foreign policy

LIVIVO (Life Sciences)
  • Link: Research portal LIVIVO (life sciences)
  • Subjects: biology, chemistry, energy, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry, nutrition, medicine, pharmacy, process engineering, biotechnology, food technology
  • Description (DBIS): LIVIVO is the search portal of ZB MED - information center for life sciences for the subjects medicine, healthcare, nutrition, environmental and agricultural sciences. LIVIVO replaces the previous search portals MEDPILOT and GREENPILOT.

    The new portal LIVIVO offers a simultaneous search in all fields of ZB MED. The search is not limited to its own holdings: LIVIVO searches around 59 million records from over 60 subject data sources (part of it is included in the data source BASE).
    The hit list in LIVIVO also provides information on how users can access the texts or other materials. Whenever possible, freely accessible sources are linked and the full text is made available. That is how LIVIVO supports the idea of ​​Open Access. In addition, if possible, articles with links to the underlying research data are linked (state: 03/2018).

TIB portal (Technology and Natural Sciences)
  • Link: Technical Information Library (TIB-Portal)
  • Subjects: Architecture, civil engineering and surveying, chemistry, electrical engineering, measurement and control technology, energy, environmental protection, nuclear technology, computer science, mathematics, physics, technology in general
  • Description (DBIS): Launched in January 2016, the TIB portal brings together the previous websites of the “Technische Informationsbibliothek” and the University Library Hannover. The former portal for technology and science "GetInfo" is now also integrated into the new TIB portal. Through this new portal, the TIB offers access to several million data sets from specialist databases, publishing offers and library catalogs (State: 05/2018).
ViFa Bio (Biology)
  • Link: Virtual Subject Library Biology (ViFaBio)
  • Subject: biology
  • Description (DBIS): The Virtual Subject Library Biology (vifabio) offers you quick access to literature and biological information. The portal combines catalogue data, selected internet sources, journals, databases and full-text documents in one virtual place (State: 05/2018).
ViFa Recht (Law)
  • Link: Virtual Subject Library Law (ViFa Recht)
  • Subject: law
  • Description (DBIS): The Virtual Subject Library Law is an instrument for legal online research. It offers a location-independent and uncomplicated access to legal scientific information on the Internet. At the moment the following modules are available:

    - search 29 selected databases using metasearch
    - search for scientifically relevant internet sources
    - search for freely accessible legal full texts in over 90 international archives
    - various convenient research options in the legal holdings of the national library of Berlin and proof of new publications in the field of law
    - search for articles published in legal journals and commemorative publications
    - search for electronic and printed legal journals
    - searchable overview of online legal databases
    - proof of printed and online legal bibliographies (state: 05/2018)

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