GreenSoft at BILRESS 2021

Join us (online) on 3/16/2021 at the 14th BilRess Network Conference.

The BilRess network "Education for Resource Conservation and Resource Efficiency" is holding its 14th network conference on March 16. This year, the theme of the conference is "Resource-light information and communication technology - What resource education is needed?".

The GreenSoft working group will be at the conference, with a workshop on "Green Software - How Sustainable is Software? Measurement methods and certificates for Green Software". Digitization and the necessary components such as user devices, networks, data centers/cloud, and software products can be seen both as contributors and thus part of the problem of environmental protection and climate change as well as part of the solution. Information and communications technology (ICT) causes over 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions across the entire spectrum. This is in the same order of magnitude as international air traffic or the CO2 emissions of Germany. Conversely, considerable opportunities are attributed to digitization when it comes to savings and optimization. Ideally, a software product is resource-efficient and at the same time makes positive contributions to the environment and sustainability through its functionality.
The workshop will present and discuss the ecological footprint of software and use certifications such as the "Blue Angel for Software" to present criteria for more sustainable ICT. In a virtual workshop, insights into the software measurement lab will be given and examples will be demonstrated and discussed.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann and Achim Guldner, M.Sc.
Institute for Software Systems, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld of the University of Trier

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