Diplomas and degree certificates for graduates

How and where do I get my diploma and degree certificates when I have successfully completed my studies?

As soon as you have completed all of your work, including your thesis and colloquium (180 or 210 ECTS points for Bachelor, 90 or 120 ECTS points for Master), please contact the Examination Office immediately. The Examination Office will first issue you with a certificate confirming the award of the academic degree.

The Examination Office will discuss with you the details of issuing the diploma and certificate. It will be clarified whether you only want your certificate with the examination results, or whether you also need an appendix to the certificate with the study results, the voluntary additional results, the duration of your studies, etc. In addition, you must indicate whether you require only a German copy or also an English copy of the certificate. We will also discuss whether you would like to collect your certificate yourself after completion, instruct an authorised representative to collect it or have it sent to you.

Do I have to pick up my diploma and degree certificate documents myself after completion?

No, you can also authorize another person to collect your certificate documents. To do this, you write a written power of attorney for the other person with permission to collect your certificate documents, stating the personal data of the person granting the power of attorney and the authorized representative. This power of attorney must be accompanied by a copy of the identity card of the person granting the power of attorney.

Can I also have my diploma and degree certificate documents sent to me?

Yes, you can also have the certificate documents sent to you. To do this, you must give us a B4 envelope with folds (in person or by post), stamped with 6.45 euros in stamps and labeled with your current address . Your certificate documents will be sent to you in this envelope immediately after completion.


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