Transcript of records, declaration of no impediment to admission (clearance certificate)

How and where can I get a transcript of records?

You can generate and print a transcript of records for a personal overview at any time via your access to QIS.

If you need an official overview of grades (transcript of records) for another university or for an organization or for an authority, please contact the Servicepoint of the study services office (building 9924 / room 035) during the opening hours. There you will find a terminal where you can log into QIS with your account. Then you can choose which type of transcript of records you require (e.g. with or without unsuccessful attempts, German or English version). The selected copy is printed on the printer of the clerk, stapled by the clerk, stamped with the stamp of the university and signed.

I need a clearance certificate (declaration of no impediment to admission) for another university. What is it and where can I get it?

If you require a clearance certificate (declaration of no impediment to admission), please contact the Examination Office.

A clearance certificate for other universities confirms that in the course of study in which you are currently enrolled you still have the right to take examinations, continue with your course of study and that there are no objections to continuing your studies at another university.

If, however, you have lost your examination entitlement in your degree program, this certificate cannot be issued; instead, the loss of the examination entitlement will be certified, stating the degree program in which the loss of the examination entitlement occurred.

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