Examination regulations, counting of attempts, 1+4-regulation, taking exams during vacation semester

What is a examination regulation and why should I read it?

You have registered in a course of study at Environmental Campus Birkenfeld of Trier University of Applied Sciences. Each course of study has their own respective examination regulation. In the department Environmental Planing/ Environmental Technology, there are also examination regulations that covers more than one course of study.

In an examination regulation there are numerous regulations pertaining to a course of studies, for example pre-registration requirements for the course of study, an overall view of the committees, their tasks and responsibilities, processes and deadlines for examinations and additional attempts, recognition of credits, grading of exams, calculation of grades, consultation of the examination files and retention periods for the files, presentation of medical attestations, the process of de-registration from an examination, cheating and disruption during an examination, all information pertaining to diplomas and certificates and further additional information. 

These regulations are the same for all students enrolled in their respective course of study and set the basis for their studies. Without this information, mistakes could be made that could possibly lead to losing your right to take exams in the respective course of study, which could lead to not being able to complete your degree in the respective course of study. These mistakes can be avoided if you read your examination regulations very carefully. With that being said, we strongly recommend that you read your examination regulation at the beginning of your studies. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Examination Office.


What is the counting of attempts and it's effect?

The counting of attempts for the previous semester is always conducted at the beginning of the following semester after the grades of the examinations have been posted in the QiS system. This process allows us to examine which student took part in a specific examination, however failed. In addition, it allows us to examine which student was required to take part in a specific examiation, but did not. In this case, the student receives a grade of "insufficient" and therefore recevies a Zwangsfünf (ZW5/Grade 5,0). This is the case for additional attempts as well as examinations that you should have participated in according to the 1 + 4-Regulation, but did not.

The possibility exists, that the system could mistakenly generate a ZW5/Grade 5,0 because of special regulations or circumstances. In addition, the counting of additional attempts could be generated in error due to the fact that the student does not have to take the additional attempt until two semesters after the initial attempt.

After the counting attempt is complete, the clerks have to verify the system and ensure that the grades have been posted correctly and all incorrect grades are deleted.

Until the verfification process has been completed, we ask for your patience. Only after a long period of time has passed and an incorrect 5,0 is still posted, please contact the Examination Office.



What is the „1+4-regulation“?

In the following text you will still find the explanation of the 1+4 regulation, which is anchored in some study programs at UCB.
In the summer semester 2021, both departments have decided to suspend this rule until further notice and not to apply it.
This means that the counting of attempts is no longer required here and there is no longer a fixed time by which you must have taken the first attempt of an exam.

The curricula are divided into semesters. Each semester lists specific examinations. The examinations can be done in the semester in which they are listed; however, can be done in a later semester. The first attempt must be taken* at the latest four semesters after the semester in which they are listed. This means, that all examinations listed in the first semester must be taken no later than in the 5th semester, the examinations listed in the second semester must be taken no later than in the 6th semester, the examinations listed in the third semester must be taken no later than in the 7th semester, and so on. (*mandatory requirement)

If an attempt is not made in the mandatory required semester without a valid reason (medical attestation due to an illness), this attempt will be graded as "failed". Once this occurs, you only have two attempts left in accordance with the examination regulation for the specific course of study (regularly two repeat examinations).



Can I participate in examinations during a vacation semester?


If students are in a vacation semester, they are not allowed to participate in examinations. A vacation semester is authorized if a valid reason exists which would not allow a student to go forward with their studies. During this time, the students keep their status as a student; however, are excused from mandatory required examinations and remain in their current semester.

During the vacation semester students are also not allowed to participate in any mandatory repeat attempts. This means that the number of attempts remain unchanged.  The mandatory attempt must be taken in the first semester after the student returns from their vacation semester.



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