In the copy room of the library there are two devices with a free scanning function at your's disposal:

  • book scanner with seesaw
  • copy machine (scan function)

In the case of questions or any difficulties please contact the team at the information desk.


The basis modus allows you to scan documents in grey levels and store them as PDF file on an USB stick.  You can recognize that the mode is active by the national flags on the right side of the display. To scan proceed as follows:

0.If the scanner is not in operation mode yet: ON/OFF switch is at the left backside of the screen right above the network plug.
1.Insert your USB stick in one of the two ports at the right side of the scanner.
2.Place your book on the book seesaw, pages facing upwards.
3.Adjust the book seesaw according to the size of the book with the aid of the knobs. Bookmarks or other inlays that extend out over the pages should be removed.
4.Push the green clear key on the book seesaw. If you want to scan more than one page and store them as one document: Turn the pages and repeat the scanning.  
5.To end the procedure: Press the "USB conclude" button on the display at the lower left side. The scans will be stored on your USB flash drive.

By switching to the expert mode you can make your own settings. You activate it by clicking on "expert mode" underneath the national flags.

Among others, you can select:

  • filetype (TIFF, JPG, PDF)
  • colour (full colour, grey levels, black-and-white)
  • density (light till dark)
  • multipage or singlepage scanning
  • store on an USB stick or send by e-mail

Copy machine

In order to scan documents with the copy machine, proceed as follows:

1.Push the "Fax/Scan" button on the copy machine. 
2.Choose the button "E-Mail" on the display of the machine.
3.Fill in your e-mail address by using the virtual keypad. (Hint: If you want to use your campus e-mail adress, you can draw on a preset: Just fill in the local part of your address by using the keyboard - that means everything in front of "@" -, then press "Präfix/Suffix", mark the suffix "" in the list and finish with "OK".)
4.Press "OK" on the display.
5.Prepare your document. In case of more than on sheet it is recommended to use the paper feed on the cover plate of the copy machine (text side up).
6.Push the "Start" button on the copy machine.

You can make own scanning settings via the display button "Scan-Einstellungen":

  • type of the original (text, photo etc.)
  • one-sided/double-sided original
  • resolution (200x200, 300x300 dpi etc.)
  • filetype (PDF, TIFF etc.)
  • density (light till dark)
  • colour (full colour, grey levels etc.)

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