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Find power guzzlers with the energy-saving box!

Refrigerator, tumble dryer, lighting, television sets - the list of power guzzlers is long. With the help of the energy-saving box from the Federal Environment Agency and the No-Energy Foundation, you can check the electricity consumption of your household appliances. Get on the track of unnecessary costs and help save energy.

The package can be borrowed free of charge by all registered users at the library's information desk. The loan period is one week.

Contents include:

  • energy cost monitor (is placed between the socket and the appliance, e.g. refrigerator)
  • operating instructions with detailed examples
  • energy-saving guidebook.

Library: Termination of the SMS service

The library's SMS service will be discontinued on 30 Sep 2022. The demand has decreased significantly in recent times, so that the effort is no longer in proportion to the actual benefit.

Of course, we will continue to provide you with all important information. Those who have taken advantage of an SMS service will in future receive your service info exclusively by e-mail to their campus e-mail address.

Thank you for your understanding.

Perinorm: Access to VDI guidelines

As of 1 September, the Perinorm database allows all members of Trier UAS to access also the VDI guidelines in full text. In addition to the DIN standards (without VDE identifier) and the DIN EN standards, the approximately 2,200 valid sets of rules of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) are thus available to you.

The VDI guidelines are recognised rules of technology and provide you with practice-oriented process and problem solutions in the fields of technology, industry and engineering sciences.

Search tip: To search for a specific VDI guideline (e.g. VDI 2051), it is best to open the advanced search mask (link below the simple search line). Then enter the guideline designation ("VDI 2051") in "Dokumentnummer+". In the hit list, click on the blue sheet icon on the left to call up the full text.

For viewing VDE standards, the VDE-NormenBibliothek is available.

Links: Perinorm (VDI guidelines, DIN/DIN EN standards) | VDE NormenBibliothek (DIN VDE standards)

Citavi: Web & Desktop Bundle licensed

The Citavi Web & Desktop Bundle is now available to all members of Trier University. The licence runs until 30.11.2022 and allows you to use two editions of the literature management programme:

  • Citavi for Windows:
    The Desktop Edition, which you install locally on your Windows or, if applicable, Mac computer. You can store your project data locally or in the Citavi Cloud.
  • Citavi Web:
    The platform-independent browser edition that you can use anywhere there is an internet connection. Your data is stored in the Citavi Cloud.

Important: The previous version "Citavi Free" is no longer provided by the new software provider QSR International.

You can find information and help about Citavi on our info page.

Link:  Citavi info page

The energy-saving box

  • Loaning at the information desk
  • use for one week
  • plus energy guide

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