Specialist databases

What do specialist databases offer me?

Specialist databases provide information or literature from one or more subject areas. For example, legal databases contain jurisprudence relevant texts, multidisciplinary databases offer literature of different fields of science. The content can be i. a.:

  • references: bibliographic information such as author, title etc., possibly supplemented by abstracts, tables of contents or keywords,
  • full texts: complete electronic publications, e. g. e-books or electronic journal articles,
  • facts: statistical and numerical data such as time series, company information or market data.

Whether you can use a database (in full), depends on the respective offer: some databases are (partially) freely accessible, others can only be used by purchasing a license. The following overview lists all specialist databases that have been licensed by the Trier UAS for the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.

Metasearch tools such as DBIS give you the opportunity to search for freely accessible or commercial databases.

Overview: licensed databases

beck online
  • Link: beck-online
  • Access: VPN, computer in the library or in the student workspace (room: 9915 / 111)
  • Subject: law
  • Database type: fulltexts and references
  • Contents: Law texts, comments, decision collections, manuals, journals, form collections
beck e-Library
  • Link: beck-eLibrary
  • Access: VPN, computer in the library or in the student workspace (room: 9915 / 111)
  • Subject: law
  • Database type: full texts (e-books)
  • Contents: more than 65 online textbooks covering civil, public and criminal law
Business Source Premier
  • Link: Business Source Premier
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subject: economics
  • Database type: full texts (i. a. specialist journal articles)
  • Contents: Business Source Premier is one of the most widely used research databases on all economic disciplines, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics. It contains full-text articles from more than 2300 journals, including over 1100 peer-reviewed titles. It also contains full texts back to the year 1886 as well as searchable, cited sources until 1998. It also offers company information about 10,000 of the largest companies in the world. The database also includes numerous Country Economic Reports from Economist Intelligence Units (EIU), DRI-WEFA, ICON Group and Country Watch, and MarketLine Company Profiles. The industry standard NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) is incorporated into the articles and therefore also serves as a search criterion. The database is daily updated via EBSCOhost.             
DATEV Students online: LEXinform
  • Link: DATEV Students online
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subjects: finance, law, economics, administrative science, taxation
  • Database type: full texts, e-learnings, software
  • Contents: The learning platform DATEV Students i. a. offers access to the database "LEXinform Steuern, Recht und Wirtschaft". It is a comprehensive database on national and international tax law, business and civil law and business administration. The DATEV platform also offers you:

    - programs on accounting, auditing, enterprise analysis, taxation and others
    - e-learning (including credits)
    - reference works on family law, accounting, tax declaration i. a.
    - expertise systems
Haufe Finance Office Professional & Steuer Office Kanzlei
  • Link: Haufe Finance Office Professional & Steuer Office Kanzlei
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subject: law, economics
  • Database type: full texts
  • Contents: The database offers a wide range of practice-oriented information in the fields of accounting, tax, controlling and finance. In addition to researching specialist content, it enables the use of numerous interactive tools (such as ABC analysis, ESt calculator, IFRS equity valuation). Legal foundations and work aids such as forms, sample letters, checklists etc. complete the offer.
  • Link: juris
  • Access: computer in the library or in the student workspace (room: 9915 / 111)
  • Subject: law
  • Database type: full texts, references
  • Contents: The offer includes over 40 databases covering all areas of law, including case law, press releases, references, laws, ordinances and administrative regulations.
  • Link: Nautos
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subject: General; Architecture, Civil Engineering and Surveying; Chemistry; Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Control; Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Fisheries, Home Economics, Nutrition; Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Production Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy, Transport Engineering, Precision Mechanics; Law; Technology in General; Process Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Technology
  • Database type: Full texts, references
  • Contents: Nautos is the standards database of Beuth-Verlag and holds more than 2.5 million records from 27 countries for you. The database contains standards, technical rules, German legal regulations with technical relevance, VDI guidelines as well as European and international rules (e.g. CEN / CENELEC / ISO / IEC). The following can be searched as full texts:
    • DIN standards without VDE designation,
    • DIN-EN standards.
  • Note on rights of use: The full texts accessible via the licence may only be used by members of Trier University of Applied Sciences within the framework of the copyright law. Passing on to third parties is not permitted. Any unauthorised reproduction, disclosure to third parties or systematic download constitutes an infringement of rights liable to compensation and is punishable by law.
NWB Database
  • Link: NWB-Datenbank
  • Access: campus computer, VPN
  • Subjects: law, economics
  • Database type: full texts, references
  • Contents: The online database of the publisher nwb (Neue Wirtschaftsbriefe) contains in various modules a comprehensive electronic range of tax and commercial law. Included are i. a.: trade journals of the publisher in full text, e. g.: BBK-accounting, inheritance and property (capital/assets), IWB - International Tax and Business Law, NWB - Tax and Business Law, StUB - company taxes and balance sheets, commenting works, bibliographic evidence ("Fachpresse kompakt"), legal decisions, administrative instructions (BMF letters, OFD / LFD orders, decrees of the Ministry of Finance, etc.), laws and directives (tax law, commercial law, double taxation agreements), tools (calculation programs, forms, checklists, sample contracts and letters etc.)
  • Links: SpringerLink (Campus computer, VPN), SpringerLink (Shibboleth)
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN, Shibboleth
  • Subjects: multidisciplinary
  • Database type: full texts (i. a. e-books, e-articles), references
  • Contents: Licensed are the packages:

    - Business and Economics (2010 to 2015)
    - Business and Management (as of 2016)
    - Earth and Environmental Science (as of 2009)
    - Economics (as of 2007)
    - Economics and Finance (as of 2016)
    - Energy (2013 to 2020)
    - Technology and Computer Science (as of 2010)
  • Link: Statista
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subjects: multidisciplinary, ecomonics
  • Database type: facts (statistical data)
  • Contents: Statista is one of the world's first statistics portals that professionally aggregates statistical data from various institutes and sources. At Statista.com, users can find statistics on over 80,000 topics from more than 18,000 different sources. Statista covers 20 different industry categories from agriculture to administration and social affairs.
TEMA - Technology and Management
  • Link: TEMA (research via the wiso search interface)
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Note: TEMA is currently frozen at August 2021. You can only search for documents whose data has been entered into the database up to this date.
  • Subjects: Mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and information technology, energy technology, materials, textile technology, medical technology, mining, business management and organisation
  • Database type: references (incl. abstracts)
  • Contents: The database aggregates information from German and international scientific and applied specialist literature such as journals, conference reports, research reports and dissertations, as well as other hard-to-find literature. It includes the subject databases:
    - DOMA® mechanical engineering and plant engineering,
    - ZDE - electrical engineering, electronics and information technology,
    - ENTEC energy technology,
    - WEMA® materials
    - TOGA® textile technology,
    - MEDITEC medical technology,

    - BERG mining,
    - BEFO management and organization.

VDE Standards Library Online
  • Link: VDE Standards Library Online
  • Access: campus computer, VPN
  • Subject areas: electrical engineering, electronics, information technology
  • Database type: full texts (read only), references
  • Contents: VDE is the abbreviation for the Association of German Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies. The VDE defines regulations and guidelines that serve the safety of the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology and publishes them as VDE standards. The entire VDE body of regulations comprises several thousand valid DIN VDE standards, which are updated automatically. Groups 0 to 8 of the standards are unlocked for university members (including VDE guidelines, DIN-EN, DIN-IEC-EN standards, etc.).
  • Search hints:
    • If you are searching for "VDE 0687", for example, please always search with the leading "0", i.e. "0687" and not "687". The prefix "VDE" can be omitted.
    • Currently, no PDF download or print option is offered for full texts of standards. They are only displayed in the browser window.
  • Help: YouTube-Channel
Wiley Online Library
  • Link: Wiley Online Library (campus computer, VPN)
  • Access: campus computer, VPN
  • Subjects: multidisciplinary
  • Database type: full texts (journal articles), references (also: books, reference works)
  • Contents (DBIS): The "Wiley Online Library" is a multidisciplinary publishing portal that offers a variety of sources under one interface: electronic journals, books and book series as well as reference works published by Wiley / Wiley-VCH. The portal offers search options under various aspects including access to abstracts and full texts of open access journals. With purchased licenses, further full texts can be accessed.
  • Link: wiso
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subjects: Economics, social sciences, psychology, law, technology
  • Database type: full texts (journal articles, newspaper articles), facts (company and market information)
  • Contents: The wiso database offers various media formats in the fields of economics and social sciences, psychology, law and technology. The University of Trier has licensed access to the module "journals" for its members. It makes it possible to access more than thirteen million German and English-language full texts from national and international (practitioner) journals, for example in the fields of 'Marketing & Advertising', 'Electrical Industry', 'IT', 'Legislation' or 'Environmental Management'.

Overview: metasearch tools for databases

  • Link: Datenbank-Infosystem DBIS
  • Provider: University Library of Regensburg
  • Contens: specialist databases, document servers (repositories), information portals, scientific search engines, other meta search tools
  • Description (by provider): The Database Information System (DBIS) is a cooperative service for the use of scientific databases. This service was developed by the University Library of Regensburg with financial support from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and the German Research Foundation (DFG). Meanwhile the Database Infosystem is used as a user service in 328 libraries. At the moment the Database Infosystem contains 12687 entries. Of these, 5396 databases are freely available on the Internet. DBIS lists databases whose contents can be searched via a search function (status: 05/2018).
  • Link: Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR)
  • Provider: University of Nottingham
  • Contents: open access document server
  • Description (by DBIS): directory of scientific full text servers worldwide with freely accessible publications (Open Access) from all subject areas

Quick access

Access to databases: via campus computer or VPN. Exception: juris (only via computers in the library or room 9915/111).

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