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What do specialist journals offer me?

Specialist journals are the most widely used tool in many disciplines to publish research results in a contemporary way. They can therefore also be described as "the place of scientific discussion".

The Trier University of Applied Sciences has acquired and licensed a number of journals for you. The articles can be available for you in various ways:

  • in printed form on the journal shelves of the library,
  • in electronic form as content of licensed databases,
  • in electronic form as content of licensed journal archives.

Meta search tools such as the EZB Electronic Journals Library also allow you to search for freely accessible or commercial journals (archives).

Overview: printed journals

Overview: licensed online journals

ERdigital - Energierecht
  • Link: ERdigital - EnergieRecht
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subjects: energy industry and environmental law
  • Database type: full texts (journal archive)
  • Contents: The ER EnergieRecht is a journal for the entire energy law practice. It is published six times a year and offers: a) technical papers and expert assessments on the law of renewable energies, the energy industry, energy efficiency and climate protection law, b) case law, c) current decisions, d) quick overviews, compact on current energy law topics and e) interviews with specialists. As a recipient of ER EnergieRecht, you also benefit from access to all energy law-relevant parts of UMWELTdigital - a comprehensive, constantly updated database of important EU, federal and state regulations.

Overview: licensed online journals

  • Link: beck-online
  • Access: VPN, computers in the library and the student workspace (room: 9915/111)
  • Subject: law
  • Database type: fulltexts and references
  • Contents: Law texts, comments, decision collections, manuals, journals, form collections
Business Source Premier
  • Link: Business Source Premier
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subject: economics
  • Database type: full texts (i. a. specialist journal articles)
  • Contents: Business Source Premier is one of the most widely used research databases on all economic disciplines, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics. It contains full-text articles from more than 2300 journals, including over 1100 peer-reviewed titles. It also contains full texts back to the year 1886 as well as searchable, cited sources until 1998. It also offers company information about 10,000 of the largest companies in the world. The database also includes numerous Country Economic Reports from Economist Intelligence Units (EIU), DRI-WEFA, ICON Group and Country Watch, and MarketLine Company Profiles. The industry standard NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) is incorporated into the articles and therefore also serves as a search criterion. The database is daily updated via EBSCOhost.
  • Link: juris
  • Access: computer in the library or in the student workspace (room: 9915 / 111)
  • Subject: law
  • Database type: full texts, references
  • Contents: The offer includes over 40 databases covering all areas of law, including case law, press releases, references, laws, ordinances and administrative regulations.
  • Links: SpringerLink (Campus computer, VPN), SpringerLink (Shibboleth)
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN, Shibboleth
  • Subjects: multidisciplinary
  • Database type: full texts (i. a. e-books, e-articles), references
  • Contents: Licensed are the packages:

    - Business and Economics (2010 to 2015)
    - Business and Management (as of 2016)
    - Earth and Environmental Science (as of 2009)
    - Economics (as of 2007)
    - Economics and Finance (as of 2016)
    - Energy (2013 to 2020)
    - Technology and Computer Science (as of 2010)
Wiley Online Library
  • Link: Wiley Online Library (campus computer, VPN)
  • Access: campus computer, VPN
  • Subjects: multidisciplinary
  • Database type: full texts (journal articles), references (also: books, reference works)
  • Contents (DBIS): The "Wiley Online Library" is a multidisciplinary publishing portal that offers a variety of sources under one interface: electronic journals, books and book series as well as reference works published by Wiley / Wiley-VCH. The portal offers search options under various aspects including access to abstracts and full texts of open access journals. With purchased licenses, further full texts can be accessed.
  • Link: wiso
  • Access: Campus computer, VPN
  • Subjects: Economics, social sciences, psychology, law, technology
  • Database type: full texts (journal articles, newspaper articles), facts (company and market information)
  • Contents: The wiso database offers various media formats in the fields of economics and social sciences, psychology, law and technology. The University of Trier has licensed access to the module "journals" for its members. It makes it possible to access more than thirteen million German and English-language full texts from national and international (practitioner) journals, for example in the fields of 'Marketing & Advertising', 'Electrical Industry', 'IT', 'Legislation' or 'Environmental Management'.

Overview: metasearch tools for journals

  • Link: The German Digital Journal Archive (DigiZeitschriften)
  • Provider: DigiZeitschriften e. V.
  • Contents: journals, full texts
  • Description (by DBIS): DigiZeitschriften is an electronic archive of German core journals of great scientific importance. Above all, specialist journals with a long tradition are in the foreground. Search functions and tables of contents are freely accessible, but the full texts are predominantly subject to a license. Only a part of the journals is freely accessible in the full text, see the open access title lists (state: 05/2018).
  • Link: Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • Provider: IS4OA, initially University of Lund
  • Contents: open access journals, open access full texts
  • Description (DBIS): The database contains almost 2.5 million articles from 9475 journals of all disciplines, which can be accessed directly online (state: 06/2017).
  • Link: Electronic Journals Library (EZB)
  • Provider: University Library of Regensburg
  • Contents: journal references
  • Description (DBIS): database of scientific full-text journals covering all subject areas, usually with access to abstracts; 88,202 titles, including 17,745 pure online journals; 55,202 journals are freely accessible in full text (state: 11/2016).
  • Link: Journal Database ZDB
  • Provider: Berlin State Library - Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation
  • Contents: references of periodicals, newspapers, type series
  • Description (provider): The journal database (ZDB) is one of the world's largest databases for the proof of magazines, newspapers, series and other periodical publications from all countries, in all languages, without time limitation, in printed, electronic or other form. Participation in ZDB is free and open to all libraries and institutions. Currently, 3,700 libraries of all German federal states and from Austria bring their journal titles and the corresponding proof of possession into the ZDB (state: 05/2018).

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