Place of Study and Work

You want to use the library as a work space?

The library not only offers you specialist literature and research advice. Also available are:

  • reading and working area (Eduroam WLAN area)
  • 18 terminal workstations
  • 4 study cabins
  • copy room (copier, printer, scanner).

In the following overview you will find the most important information about the learning and working space library.

Information: study and working space

PC Workstations

How many PC workstations are available in the library?

The library offers you eighteen terminal workstations. All terminals have internet access and the usual user programs - i.a.:


  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Firefox, Internet Explorer
    Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote 2010
    Adobe Reader DC

Each terminal is equipped with a USB and charging plug. Documents can be printed using the printer in the copy room.

How do I log in?

  • Members of the Environmental Campus: Log in with your user name and password for the IT infrastructure of the Environmental Campus - i.e. with the same data you use to log in to a computer in the PC pool or to your workstation computer, for example.

    Note for freshmen: Your user name and password can be found on the welcome letter of the IT-Department. Library PIN and PC password are not identical!
  • Members of other library locations and external users: To work at the PC terminals you need a user ID. You can get it at the information desk. Important: Please bring your identity card with you!
WLAN & Power

WLAN and power - is everything at my disposal?

Of course! As on the entire campus, you have the possibility to use WLAN in the library, including eduroam. More information is available on the website of the IT-Department.

Power connections for your notebook are located in the form of multiple sockets under the tables.


What printing facilities do I have in the library?

There are two printable devices available for you in the library's copy room. You need a copy card for printing.

  • for black and white prints:
    device: printer
    name: bib on PCOUNTER
    costs: 0.05 EUR per DIN A4 page
  • especially for colour prints:
    device: copier
    name: bib-color to PCOUNTER
    costs: 0.15 EUR per DIN A4 page

How do I operate the printers?

A printing instruction is available on the website of the IT-Department. Other printer locations are also listed there.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please feel free to contact the library team at the information desk first.


What copying facilities do I have in the library?

There is a photocopier available for you in the copy room of the library. To make copies you need a copy card. Costs per DIN A4 page:

  • black and white: 0,05 EUR
    coloured: 0,15 EUR

How do I operate the copier?

A copying instruction is available on the website of the IT-Department. Other copier locations are also listed there.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please feel free to contact the library team at the information desk first.


What scanning options do I have in the library?

In the copy room of the library there are two devices with free scanning function available: (a) a book scanner with book cradle and (b) a copier with scanning function.

How do I operate the scanners?

A scanning-with-copier-instruction is available on the website of the IT-Department. Other scanner locations are also listed there.

Instructions for the scanner with book cradle:

  • The scanner has a basic and an expert mode. By default it is in basic mode. To switch to expert mode, press "Expert Mode" below the country flags. To switch back to Basic Mode, press "Exit".
  • The basic mode allows you to scan documents in grayscale and save them as PDF files on a USB flash drive. You can recognize that it is active by the country flags on the right of the display. Proceed as follows to scan:

    1. If the scanner is not in use, press the power switch on the left side of the back of the scanner, approximately at the bottom of the screen.

    2. Insert your USB flash drive on the right side of the scanner. (Two ports are available).

    3. Place the book on the book cradle with the writing facing up.

    4. If necessary, adjust the book holder so that the book spine fits into the gap (rotary knobs). It is best to remove all bookmarks or inlays that jut out over the pages.

    5. Press the green release button on the left or right of the book cradle. If you want to scan several pages and save them as a continuous document: Turn the page and repeat the process.  

    6. press to exit: Press the "USB Complete" button on the bottom left of the display. The scanned pages will be saved on your stick.
  • In the expert mode, you can also make your own settings: file type (TIFF, JPG, PDF), colour (full colour, greyscale, black and white), density (light to dark), multipage or single page scan, save to USB flash drive or send by email.
Study Cabins

How many study cabins does the library offer?

There are four study cabins available in the campus library. All rooms are equipped with whiteboards and thin clients.

Groups (= two persons or more) can reserve a cabin. Just use the lists hanging outside the cabin doors.

Terms of use:

a) Usage of the study cabins

  1. The study cabins serve primarily as study and work spaces for groups of two or more persons.
  2. The study cabins can be reserved for a limited period of time: four hours per day and group maximum. If there is no reservation for a cabin, the cabin can be used by groups without a reservation or by individuals. Reservation has priority over free usage. Groups have priority over single persons.
  3. A reservation claim expires, if the cabin has not not used 15 minutes after the begin of the reserved period of time.
  4. If a cabin is not occupied for more than thirty minutes, it can be vacated. A break of one hour can be taken between 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm. Use the parking discs to display at which time you have left the carrel.

b) Vacating of the study cabins

  1. Anyone who uses a study cabin agrees to the following: The cabin can be evicted by other users without any agreement or eviction notice, if these users hold a reservation for this cabin in this time. There is a box for the provisional storage of the found items in each cabin.
  2. Items removed in course of an eviction are treated in the same way as lost property and will be taken in safe custody by the library. Excluded from this are foodstuffs: They are disposed immediately without any right to reimbursement. The removed items are kept in the library until the end of the week and then transferred to the lost property service at UCB Contact.

c) Liability

The storage of items in a study cabin is not deemed as safe custody by the library. The library assumes no liability for items brought in by users.


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