Printing and copying system


You can either send print jobs from any IT workstation or from your private device (if Microsoft Windows is used as the operating system).

Send print jobs

Printing from an IT workstation

In the EDV pools, the library and the student workspace, the printers should all be automatically integrated. You can select them directly from any program and send print jobs. If a printer is not listed, you can find out how to add it manually in the section Printing from a private device.

Please avoid printing directly from your browser. Make sure you use Adobe Reader for PDF files!

Printing from a private device (currently not possible)

Due to a security vulnerability of Microsoft in the printing system used, the use of printers from private devices is currently not possible. As soon as the function is available again, we will inform all students by e-mail.

Printing from USB stick

To be able to print from a USB stick, first insert your copy card into the card reader located directly on the printer in the corridor of the upper floor of building 9917 (left device). The printer display is now enabled. Now connect your USB stick. After a short time a new view appears. Go to Print document from external memory and select your document (supported file formats are PDF, JPEG, TIFF and XPS). Then press Print and adjust the settings according to your needs. Finally, print your document by selecting Start.


Get print jobs

In addition to the card reader, all printers have a small touch screen (output terminal). After you have successfully sent the print job to the printer, it is ready for selection at the output terminal. Mark your job there and press the Print button. An overview of the printing costs appears. Now insert your copy card into the card reader and check the information on the screen again. After selecting the Print button, your order will be printed.

Please note that documents sent by you for printing must be picked up at the respective output terminal within four hours, otherwise they will be deleted automatically.

Locations of the devices


Costs: € 0,07 per DIN-A4 and € 0,14 per DIN-A3 sheet

  • 9917 / 040 (17eg-sw)
  • 9917 / OG (17og-sw)
  • 9917 / OG (on the left)  (USB-Printing only)
  • ZN / Library (bib)

Costs: € 0,15 per DIN-A4 and € 0,30 per DIN-A3 sheet

  • 9917 / 040 (17eg-color)
  • 9917 / OG (on the left)  (USB-Printing only)
  • ZN / Library (bib-color)
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