Printing and copying system

To use the printing and copying system on campus, you need a copy card. The only exception is the printer on the ground floor of building 9915, as it also has a coin slot, which allows copying without a copy card.

If you do not yet have a copy card, you can purchase it at the card machine provided for this purpose (the card deposit is 1 euro). The copy card machine is located to the right of the entrance to the library (upper floor in the central new building). Already purchased cards can be revaluated there at any time with cash in the form of banknotes. To upgrade the card with coins, please use the printer on the upper floor of building 9917 and the coin slot.

Improper handling of the copy card can lead to problems with the printing and copying machines. Handle the card with care to avoid damage. A copy card that is no longer needed can be returned to the computer centre (where you will also receive a refund of the card deposit).

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