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Mircosoft Teams is an online collaboration platform with a focus on e-learning scenarios.

To use the video and audio chat, a webcam and a microphone (better a headset) are required.

IMPORTANT: The system is hosted in the Microsoft Cloud, so the data centers can only provide limited support for technical problems.

Changes from 14.09.2020

In order to enable a common, university-wide and simplified access to Microsoft Teams, all locations of the University of Applied Sciences Trier will be managed in a common Microsoft Azure environment in the future. This will enable login via Shibboleth and facilitate cross-location collaboration. Since a merger of the two previously independent Microsoft Azure environments (technical jargon tenants) is unfortunately not technically possible, please note the following modified instructions.


You will get access to Microsoft Teams, as well as various other Microsoft Office 365 products.

  1. The licensing of services in the Microsoft Azure Cloud is based on a Federated ID (with transfer of personal data).
     In order to use the service, it is mandatory to confirm the transfer of personal data to Microsoft.

  2. When registering, enter your university e-mail address in the following format:
    University of Applied Sciences Trier:
    Environmental Campus:
     Please replace username with your personal username.
  3. You will now be redirected to the university's login page. The login on the homepage is done with your user ID (if not already done automatically).

Instruction - existing User (old Tenant)

To enable users from Birkenfeld to log on to the university-wide Microsoft Azure environment, the tenant in Birkenfeld had to be renamed. This changes the way of authentication on the old Tenant. Access to this tenant will only be possible for a limited time (probably until the end of the winter semester 2020/2021).

Signing up with Microsoft Teams always takes place via the portal: (where the user name entered is used to determine whether you are logged in the old, or the new tenant).

  1. To login to the new tenant, use your university e-mail address. From now on, the login is done via Shibboleth with your personal user ID and you will automatically get a new account in the new environment.
  2. Your data from the old Tenant in Birkenfeld can still be accessed in the old environment. Just enter as your user name, followed by the password you have individually assigned for Microsoft teams. This way you can back up your existing data and view already created groups to recreate them in the new environment.

If you still need to invite people to the old system during the transition period, this must be done manually. Please contact our Helpdesk help(at)

Recommendations and advice

Helpful video tutorials (English only):

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