Federal Trust „Mother and Child“

The federal trust “Mother and Child” offers help to pregnant women in need to ease their decision for the child and to continue the pregnancy.

The trust defines “need” as a financially difficult situation, in which the needs of the pregnant woman or of the child are not covered fully by stately welfare programs.

The support foremost includes money to:

  • buy baby provisions
  • housekeeping
  • financing of accommodation and furnishing
  • childcare costs for babies and toddlers

The amount and length of sponsorship is decided on by the responsible authorities and is depending on the personal situation of the applicant.

These conditions need to be fulfilled in order to apply:

  • your place of residence or your main residence must be located in Germany
  • medical certificate of pregnancy, e.g. expectant mother’s record of prenatal and natal care
  • you are finding yourself in a financially difficult situation
  • you apply before the date of birth of your child in a pregnancy counselling office in the county of your residency
  • no other help in the same time frame or the same amount is possible at all

Should you receive sponsorship by the trust, these will not be accountable for other social support programs. There is, however, no legitimate claim on this support.

An application for support can be obtained in any pregnancy counselling office near you.

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