Social welfare

Please mind the following text is an extremely simplified and shortened description of social welfare regulations. For more detailed information, contact your local social welfare office.

Social welfare can be claimed by people who are not capable of gainful employment. It has two general components:

  • Supporting livelihood: for people not capable of gainful employment who receive a temporary pension due to a complete reduction in earning capacity, a long-term illness or are being taken care of in an institution.
  • Basic social care in old-age and for people in need with a reduced earning capacity: for people 65 years or older and people with a permanent and complete reduction of earning capacity from 18 years or older.

The amount of support in both components equals the amount paid through unemployment benefits II.

Special regulations are in place for cases such as pregnancy, disability, single parenthood.

Social welfare for students

Students themselves cannot claim social welfare benefits. But children of students can claim social welfare benefits if the income of their parents (including public grants) and of the children themselves (child benefits) together do not cover the livelihood of the family.

Claims to social welfare need to be made in your local social welfare office.

More informations

At your local social welfare office or via:

Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

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