Care for a sick child

Should your child fall ill and you have to take care of it yourself because no other person of your household is able to help out, you can claim leave on account of a sick child.


There are two kinds of leave on account of a sick child:


  • Paid leave: According to current legal practice, you can claim up to 5 days of leave to take care of your sick child. You have to produce a medical certificate to prove the child’s condition. Your right to this claim may be limited by trade union agreements of your work agreement. To clarify this, contact your responsible human resource department. According to the union agreement of the county, you can claim one day leave to take care of a close relative, respectively four days to take care of a sick child.
  • Unpaid leave: According to §45 sec. 1 German social law you can claim unpaid leave under the condition that the requirements for paid leave are not fulfilled, the sick child is younger than 12 years or disabled and no other person living in your household is able to take care of the child. During your unpaid leave, you can claim sick childcare compensation from your health insurance. This claim covers a maximum of 10 days for one child (25 days for multiple children) per calendar year. Single parents can claim 20 days for one child (50 for multiple children) per calendar year.


To be able to claim sick childcare compensation you need to have:


  • A medical certificate on your child’s condition
  • A application for special leave signed by your employer
  • A statement by your human resources department confirming your special leave in case of the health insurance covering the sick childcare compensation
  • A completed application form for sick childcare compensation (the form usually is printed on the back of the medical certificate by the doctor or can be obtained from your health insurance)
  • Hand in all the above to your health insurance
  • The notification by your health insurance on the sick childcare compensation has to be passed on to your human resources department

More informations

You can get more informations from your health insurance company or your Human Ressources Department

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