Medical Care, midwife care and household help

Medical care

Health insurances cover the costs of prenatal classes, regular medical care and medical check-ups as well as all costs connected with the delivery of the baby.

Midwife care

Postnatal care can be covered through a midwife. You can obtain information on homebirth or midwife care from your health insurance as well.

Household help

  • Mothers and / or fathers with a governmental health insurance who find themselves unable to manage their household due to a hospitalisation or a preventive or rehabilitation treatment can ask for a household help.
  • Requirement: a child no older than 12 years or a disabled child in need of help shares said household.
  • A household help can be organised by the health insurance or placed through a social service charity.
  • You can organise your own household help too. Costs will be covered through your health insurance to an appropriate level.
  • Help of relatives to second degree are not covered by your health insurance. However, the health insurance can cover transportation costs and loss of earnings should these occur in a sensible relation to the expenditure a regular household help would cause.

More informations & contact persons

You can receive further informations from your health insurance company, charities as well as from the local youth welfare services. 

Youth welfare service Trier
City Hall
Am Augustinerhof
54290 Trier

Phone: 0651 - 7180
Fax: 0651 - 718151-8

Youth welfare service Birkenfeld
Schneewiesenstraße 25
55765 Birkenfeld

Phone: 06782 - 15-0
Fax: 06782 - 1549-7

Youth welfare service Idar-Oberstein
Auf der Idar 17
55743 Idar-Oberstein

Phone: 06781 - 64-0
Fax: 06781 - 6444-5

Mail:  jugendamt(at)

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