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Dear students,

the Birkenfeld location is switching its semester planning to the Untis planning programme for the summer semester 2023. As a consequence, the semester plans will not be issued as usual via an Excel or pdf file with an overall plan of all modules in the department. For the first time, individual plans will now be issued for each degree programme and each semester.

to the plans

Untis and individual plans

In the individual plans you will find the modules that are planned according to the curricula (study plans). Under each plan you will find a legend with an explanation of the abbreviations for the modules and lecturers.
A pdf file with all abbreviations can be found in the download area on the right-hand side.

Fields of specialisation

Courses from different specialisations are sometimes held in parallel.

Elective modules

Elective modules serve the individual specialisation of the students and are usually located in higher subject semesters in the study plan. For each study programme, the departmental council decides on a catalogue of possible compulsory elective modules that can be taken as part of the respective study programme. You can find this in the download area on the right. If you would like to take a module that is not listed there, please contact your programme representative.

Modules that may not be taken as compulsory electives can be taken as electives without earning ECTS credits. The achievement is documented on the transcript under 'additional achievements'.

Descriptions of the elective modules can be found in the module handbooks of the respective study programmes.
Module descriptions of the elective modules of the UPUT department from the offer of the respective semester can be found in the download area on the right. This catalogue also gives you a good overview of the current offer.
The module descriptions of the elective modules with FB UWUR can also be found in the respective module handbook of the study programme.

The timing of the modules can be found in the schedules of the individual modules.
Attention! Unfortunately, empty schedules with modules of the winter semester are currently also issued. Please note that modules without timetables do not take place in the summer semester!

to the Moduls

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to provide an overall schedule of all courses.

Seminars/ Advanced / Proseminars in the UWUR Department

You can find details of the courses in Stud.IP. !!! Please note that you have to register in QIS independently of the registration in Stud.IP !!!


Please note that lecture schedules can still change within the first weeks of lectures! Please visit this website again to find out about the current timetable version.

Additional information on the respective course can be found under Stud.IP. Here, additional registration for the courses may be necessary or advisable so that you can receive up-to-date information on the courses.

If you have any questions or problems due to the changeover, please contact the dean's assistants Ms Harder (FB UPUT) and Ms Riefer (FB UWUR).


You can find the downloads always up to date on the german page here.

Yvonne Riefer
Yvonne Riefer, LL.M.
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