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E-Learning: Stud.IP, OLAT, Panopto (Videoserver), Ilias


The e-learning-portals offer the possibility to manage the events of a semester and to download current documents from professors, to take exams and / or to watch videos. At the beginning of each semester, the lectures clarify how the scripts and documents and other materials are made available. For many optional subjects and projects, it is mandatory to register in order to participate.
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Every student of the environmental campus Birkenfeld has a personalised folder on the data server “fileserver” provided by the computing centre at their disposal. Teaching staff have a separate folder each in which to keep their teaching materials of their lectures to share with students.

Organize your literature with citavi


Citavi is a software, which can be used to organize literature while writing scientific papers or thesis. References to - or quotations from literature can be stored and organised at one single place - at the same time the bibiliography is kept up-to-date.

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Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine

As part of the Microsoft Imagine licencing program a broad selection of Microsoft products are available to all university members.
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Office 365

Office 365

As part of a campus agreement between the University of Applied Sciences Trier and Microsoft students are able to download Office 365 ProPlus for a small provision fee. The transaction and client support for this product are provided by co.Tec.
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QIS: Registration for and deregistration from exams

QIS: Registration for and deregistration from exams

On the QIS-portal you have to register or de-register for examinations within the published dead-lines. Should you experience trouble registering or de-registering for an examination contact the examination office immediately but at least within the published deadlines.
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IT-Services (Rechenzentrum)


The IT Services provides services for students such as:

  • personal user ID
  • personal E-Mail-address
  • personal memory space
  • WLAN on the campus
  • PC-work spaces on the campus
  • Printing and plotting

All important information on this can be found on the pages of the IT Services Department.


Microsoft Exchange offers e-mail services, personnel and group calendars as well as options to organize group contacts and group address lists. 
Important notifications by the university are also sent via this service. To contact fellow students or personnel simply enter their name in the address line of the e-mail header, the appropriate e-mail address will be added automatically.



Mobile internet access through wireless local area network (WLAN) is possible on the entire campus. Instructions on how to connect to the WLAN-network for the operating systems Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone can be found here. 


To be able to use the resources of the university while away from the campus you need to establish a VPN-connection. The installation of the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Clients enables the VPN-connection and with it a remote access to all university resources.

Operating systems Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS are supported.

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