Please have a look in QIS if you can register for your exams.

Being a gueststudent you have to:
- REGISTRATE FOR EXAMS: Fill in the "application for a transcript" with all subjects you want to finish with an exam and hand this in to the International Office till 15th of January in winter term and 15th of July in summer term. (You can leave blank "course of study".)
- ATTEND EXAMS: Fill in the "course assessment" for every subject you want to attend the exam and get a grade.
Hand this out to your professor/lecturer at the time of your exam.
- LEAVE: If you plan to leave you have to fill in the "application for exmatriculation"  (You can leave blank "course of study".), show this document to library and examination office and hand it in to the International Office. There you can also get a confirmation of stay for e.g. Erasmus.

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