With Microsoft Exchange, the computer center provides all employees and students with extensive e-mail and groupware functions. This means that in addition to the normal e-mail functionality, the use of personal and shared calendars, contacts, address books and appointments is also possible. Everyone can define in detail for their own mailbox which other people can access which areas of the personal mailbox. If you have accidentally deleted an item, you can easily restore it yourself (for a certain period of time). In addition to using any email client, access is also possible from any browser via the following.

Every employee and student has a default e-mail address. This consists of the login name followed by the extension @umwelt-campus.de (example: abcd1234@umwelt-campus.de). Employees additionally receive an email alias that is easier to remember (example: vorname.nachname@umwelt-campus.de). Always use your default email address (not its alias) in combination with your personal password to set up a device.

to Webmail: https://exchange.umwelt-campus.de

Many more questions about the mail service at the Umwelt-Campus can be found on the other subpages about e-mail, as well as in our -> FAQ!

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