The e-mail server at the Umwelt-Campus supplements incoming messages identified as SPAM with the addition *** SPAM *** in the subject line. Since the marked e-mails may be desired by the respective recipient, they are not deleted directly by the server but delivered to the recipient.

The addition *** SPAM *** merely states that it could be a SPAM e-mail.

It is up to the recipient to decide whether the marked message is SPAM or not. This task is not made obsolete by the automatic handling of the messages explained below.

An inbox rule can be used to automatically move messages marked as SPAM to another folder. However, we would like to point out again that some messages marked by the server may be desired.

Basically we recommend the configuration of an inbox rule via the Outlook Web App. In contrast to the configuration in the e-mail client, this has the advantage that the rule always takes effect (independent of the synchronized end device).

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