Interdisciplinary Conservation Research

Our working group conducts research and teaches in the field of ecology. The focus is on biodiversity, including both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
In the first research focus, we investigate how our ecosystems and species communities change over time, and which environmental variables play important roles in the process on different spatial and temporal scales. For this purpose, we conduct long-term ecosystem monitoring in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park and analyze our data in cooperation with partners at German, European and global level, e.g. in the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER).
In a second research focus, we attempt to translate these ecological relationships into strategies as well as specific applied projects on effective, efficient and sustainable environmental management with the aim of maximizing biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Further information on the ongoing research projects can be found in under research

Prof. Dr. Stefan Stoll
Prof. Dr. Stefan Stoll
Professor FB Umweltplanung/Umwelttechnik - FR Umweltplanung


+49 6782 17-1578


Birkenfeld | Building 9915 | Room 123


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