Important things about examinations in short form

Here you can find important information about examinations in short form.

  • As part of your student cooperation obligations, it is your responsibility to be present in good time for the start of the exam. You are obliged to adapt your journey to the weather conditions, to organise alternative travel arrangements and, if necessary, even to arrive one day before the examination if, for example, snowfall is announced.

  • Register for all the exams in which you wish to take part yourself in good time before the deadline for registration (three working days before the exam, 24:00 hours). If you have any problems, please contact the Examination Office before the registration deadline. Subsequent registration is not possible.
  • Check your data in the QIS regularly and before the end of the registration deadlines to make sure that you are really registered for all examinations.
  • If you are unable to sit the examination due to illness, you must submit a medical certificate to the Examination Office within three working days of the examination. In order to meet the deadline, we recommend that you send the medical certificate and the supplement to the certificates in advance by e-mail and that you submit the originals immediately. You will find everything else that is important in this regard or in relation to official medical certificates in our section "Information for Students".

  • It is best to leave cheat sheets, mobile phones and other unauthorised aids (e.g. unauthorised handwritten notes in authorised documents such as law books) at home. Even carrying them around in the examination room is considered prima facie evidence of a deliberate attempt to cheat and your examination will be assessed as "failed". You are responsible for ensuring that you are not suspected of attempting to cheat.

  • Ask for advice at the examination office and do not listen to fellow students.  Contact us via email or telephone or we can make an individual appointment if neccesary.
  • If you have any questions about examinations please ask the team of the examination office before the end of the deadlines for the registration in examinations.
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