Nonprofit and NGO-Management (B.A.)

A Learning Group of nonprofit management students

Focus on the common good

This interdisciplinary bachelor's degree program with a focus on sustainability enables graduates to support and manage nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations (NPOs/ NGOs) in the third sector.

Nature conservation associations, welfare and social services, environmental protection agencies, unions, foundations, political parties, educational institutions etc. offer growing employment and career opportunities in the nonprofit and NGO sector.

Modules with a practical orientation provide you a deeper understanding of and effective long-term solutions for current welfare challenges. The finding of a balance between environmental protection, social justice and economic needs is prioritized in the context of e.g. climate change, reduction of the carbon footprint, sustainable food and energy production as well as educational programs.

Study program

The curriculum/study program covers three areas of expertise: You acquire skills in business administration and management as well as basic legal knowledge, which provide you an ideal combination of competences for dealing with day-to-day challenges in managing nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

We incorporate, for example, advanced and practice-based courses in campaigning, marketing, leadership and management, fundraising, communication, filing applications and creating reports, green procurement and change management, digital solutions, specific human resources aspects of NGOs, regional UN SDG aspects etc.

And where better to study this exceptional program with a sustainability oriented profile than at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld - Germany’s Greenest University? *

*   We currently rank first in the GreenMetric World University Ranking 2020 for the most sustainable universities in Germany, and are in sixth place worldwide among 918 national and international competitors.

Two different study profiles

There are two study profiles for this course of studies: You can follow a dual practice-integrated degree program which incorporates about 10-12 months of practical phases in cooperation with a fixed partner NPO/NGO or a classical degree program with fewer practical phases and without a fixed cooperation partner.

The modules are taught in German, some modules materials are English-friendly. German language courses are offered for students from foreign countries to be able to follow the lectures quickly.

Graduates of “Nonprofit and NGO-Management” are qualified for international postgraduate master studies in the field and are in the perfect position to start a career as an assistant or future leader in a non-profit or non-governmental organization.

Electives (incomplete)

  • Green Transformation I - Change Management and Sustainable Procurement
  • Green Transformation II - Climate Protection Management and Sustainability Management
  • Green Tech I - Industrial Ecology and Green Technologies
  • Ecological Economics
  • European Environmental Law
  • Operations Research and Logistics
  • Controlling
  • Environmental Criminal Law
  • Marketing
  • Digitalization

Key facts

Final degree
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Beginning of the course
Winter an summer semester

Standard course length
6 semesters (180 ECTS)

Restrictions on admission (N.C.)

Language of Instruction

Place of study
Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Language of instruction

Preparatory training in NPO/NGO (4 weeks),
Internship phase in NPO/NGO (16 weeks)

Semester abroad (voluntary), internship phase abroad in NPO/NGO (voluntary)

Tuition fee
none (regular semester fees only)

Contact & Advice

Prof. Dr. Klaus Rick
Prof. Dr. Klaus Rick, Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. (TU)
Professor FB Umweltwirtschaft/-recht - FR Umweltwirtschaft


+49 6782 17-1330


Birkenfeld | Building 9913 | Room 17


Im SS 2024 (nach vorheriger Vereinb.) i.d.R. Mo 12:00 Uhr - 12:45 Uhr, auch Di und Mi n.v.V. per E-Mail möglich.
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