Print via WLAN (Windows PC)


Black/White (costs: € 0,05 per copy, DIN-A4 sheet)

  • 9915 / 111 (student work room) (studpool)
  • 9917 / 040 (17eg-sw)
  • 9917 / OG (upper floor, hallway crossing) (17og-sw)
  • ZN / Library (copy room) (bib)

Colour(costs: € 0,15 per copy, DIN-A4 sheet)

  • 9917 / 040 (17eg-color)
  • ZN / Library (copy room) (bib-color)


First of all, please authenticate your computer at the printserver. To do this open the "run-dialog": press "Windows key + R" or click on the "start" button (below left) and fill "run" in the search line.

A dialogue box will open up. Type \\ in the address line and confirm with "Enter".

A Login window will open up. Fill in your e-mail address at the top line and your password at the bottom. If you wish to store your login details please checkmark the respective box.

A windows showing all available printers will open up:
Select the desired printer with a double click. By this way it will automatically be installed on your computer (provided that the required driver is available for the system). If your computer does not provide the required driver you can download the driver from the server by clicking "Install driver".

The selected printer can be used from any application.

Please note that you have to recall your documents at the respective ouput terminal within four hours or else they will be deleted automatically.


 +49 6782 17-1717

Fax +49 6782 17-1427


Gebäude Building: 9917