Sustainability is a global trend!

As a conversion project, a campus with exemplary environmental technology has emerged from a former reserve military hospital of the American armed forces. As a zero-emission campus, it covers its electricity, heating and cooling requirements with 100% CO2-neutral renewable energies. The most modern ecological building and plant technologies are the flagship of the university location.

The future needs creative minds!

All study programmes deal with the environment in a technical, economic or legal perspective. They offer a stepping stone into an economic sector with above-average growth. The aim of the training is to be close to practice and companies, as well as to combine the studies with innovative and research-related topics.

Live, learn, work in one place!

Over 650 dormitory places directly on the site turn the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld into an academic village. The campus offers a unique working environment for different areas of science, research, administration and technology. Thus the people on the environmental campus are connected by a special "we-feeling".

Welcome to a unique place. Welcome to The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.

At present, around 2,400 Bachelor and Master students from more than 65 countries are studying on campus in 12 Bachelor degree programmes, 4 dual Bachelor degree programmes and 12 Master degree programmes in the fields of environmental planning/environmental technology and environmental economy/environmental law. The campus is internationally networked, with the strength of strong, regional roots. The students come from all over the world to Hoppstädten-Weiersbach - due to the groundbreaking and future-oriented education.

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