GreenMetric Ranking 2020 - Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann (President of Trier University of Applied Sciences) and Prof. Dr. Klaus Helling (Dean of the Department of Environmental Economics/Environmental Law and Sustainability Officer) are delighted with the award
GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2020

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2020

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld of Trier University continues to be a role model for sustainability

On December 7, 2020, the President of Trier University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann and the Dean of the Department of Environmental Economics/Environmental Law at the university's Environmental Campus Birkenfeld were delighted with an excellent ranking at the GreenMetric Awards ceremony, which this time took place online. The "greenest university in Germany" is once again in Rhineland-Palatinate - the environmental campus occupies an excellent 6th place worldwide among 918 universities in the international GreenMetric Ranking 2020 and remains in first place nationally for the fourth year in a row.

President Schumann classifies the result: "In order to maintain the top position, we have to continuously improve. Sustainability is becoming a strategic issue for more and more universities worldwide. The number of participating universities increased by 18% compared to last year and so did the quality, as this time 102 unis scored more than 7,500 points in the GreenMetric ranking. We also improved this year and were able to achieve 8650 points - a great start to the anniversary year 2021, when the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld celebrates its 25th anniversary and Trier University turns 50."

The GreenMetric ranking ensures a holistic assessment of universities' sustainability activities and is divided into six weighted categories: Infrastructure (15 percent), Energy and Climate Protection (21 percent), Waste Management (18 percent), Water (ten percent), Mobility (18 percent), and Teaching and Research (18 percent).

The world's first place was once again won by Wageningen University in the Netherlands, followed by the University of Oxford and the University of Nottingham, both from the United Kingdom. The Sustainability Officer at the Environmental Campus, Prof. Dr. Klaus Helling sets the bar high: "This time we are only 125 points short of third place. The podium is within striking distance - maybe we'll make it to the podium in 2021." In Germany, Birkenfeld is at the top, followed this time by the University of Bremen (20th place), Leuphana University Lüneburg (21st) and Freie Universität Berlin (26th).

CHE-Ranking 2020

CHE-Ranking 2020

In the current ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE), the study programs of the Department of Environmental Economics/Environmental Law (UW/UR) that were up for evaluation this year achieved excellent results. A total of nine top rankings were achieved by the department's degree programs in environmental and business administration, business and environmental law, as well as its international and continuing education programs.

All of the department's degree programs were able to position themselves in the top group in terms of support for students in the initial study phase. Particularly pleasing is the certified close link with practice in the bachelor's and master's degree programs in environmental and business administration, as well as the excellent dovetailing with the training companies in the dual bachelor's degree program "Sustainable Resource Management", which combines a business degree with commercial training and in which many companies from the region are already partners.
In addition, the business administration courses at the environmental campus score points in terms of their international orientation. At the bachelor's and master's level, there are numerous opportunities to complete a semester of study or an internship abroad.

With its international orientation, the study program "Business and Environmental Law" is also in the top group, which is relevant for both business law and environmental law: economic activities and climate change do not "stop at borders". The program also scores high marks for the practical relevance of its education.

Top rankings were also achieved in the area of internationalization. The interdisciplinary bachelor's degree program "Sustainable Business and Technology" has been offered at Germany's "greenest campus" for three years. At the master's level, the advanced courses in "International Material Flow Management" organized by the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS) achieved top marks in the CHE ranking and are also expressly praised by the DAAD.

In addition to excellent teaching, research is also a particular strength of the environmental campus. In 2019, Trier University was able to set a new record for third-party funding. Of the university's total of 13 million euros in research funding, almost 10 million euros were acquired by researchers from Birkenfeld. In the Department of Environmental Economics/Environmental Law, above-average third-party funding income was achieved through the work of the IfaS and via other research projects. This makes the department by far the number one among business administration and law faculties at universities of applied sciences in Germany.

Press release CHE-Ranking in German

You can find out more about the CHE ranking here:

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2019

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2019

[Translate to Englisch:] Der zukünftige Vizepräsident (ab 01.01.2020) der Hochschule Trier Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer, studentisches Mitglied im Green Office Lilly Schott und Nachhaltigkeitsbeauftragter des Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld Prof. Dr. Klaus Helling freuen sich über die erneute Auszeichnung als "Grünster Campus Deutschlands" und einer Platzierung in den Top 10 weltweit der GreenMetric-Rangliste nachhaltiger Hochschulen.

German sustainability champion once again - Environmental Campus Birkenfeld is 6th in the world rankings and also Germany's greenest campus

The "greenest university in Germany" is once again located in Rhineland-Palatinate - the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld of the Trier University of Applied Sciences achieved an excellent 6th place among 780 universities in the international GreenMetric ranking and remains in first place nationally for the third year.

The world's first place was again won by Wageningen University in the Netherlands, which has a strong agricultural focus, followed by the University of Oxford, England, the University of California, Davis, USA, and the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, both also in England. The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld follows in sixth place in this highly ranked field, improving by a further 275 points compared to the previous year and significantly reducing the points gap to the leader. In Germany, Birkenfeld is at the top, followed by Freie Universität Berlin, Bayreuth University and Leuphana University Lüneburg.

The President of Trier University, Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann, is very pleased about the award: "At the Environmental Campus, we set an excellent example nationally and internationally of how climate-neutral action, research and teaching can be achieved. We are working on environmentally friendly solutions both in a science-oriented manner and in practical implementation. The time is ripe for a rethink - and we are creating sustainable solutions in Birkenfeld under the motto "Sustainable, Innovative, Digital.""

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2018

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2018

Zertifikat GreenMetric Ranking 2018

Renewed success in the current GreenMetric Ranking of Universitas Indonesia, which was published at the turn of the year 2018/2019: For the second time, the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld has made it into the world's ten "greenest" universities.

From 10th place in the previous year's global ranking of environmentally friendly university locations, it has now improved significantly to 6th place.

The location was able to leave all competitors in the German university landscape behind, including the University of Bayreuth as the second and third best in Germany, as well as the Free University of Berlin (28th and 29th place worldwide).

You can find out more about the ranking here:


Environmental Campus is Learning Site of Distinction 2018/2019

Environmental Campus is Learning Site of Distinction 2018/2019

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld is a role model for sustainability

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the German Commission for UNESCO have honored the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld as an outstanding educational initiative for sustainable development.

The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld was recognized in the third round of awards as an ESD learning site with the award at level 3, the highest level to be achieved. The jury summarized its decision as follows: "The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld manages to implement ESD in its study programs with a focus on "Environment and Sustainability" in a structurally effective way. The more than 2,500 students benefit from a particularly meaningful range of opportunities for participation and design. They participate in the development of the university in many ways, are systematically integrated into decision-making processes and can thus exert a targeted influence."

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2017

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2017

Urkunde GreenMetric Rankin 12/2017

The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld was the only campus in Germany to establish itself among the top ten in the current GreenMetric Ranking, taking an outstanding 10th place in the world rankings (2016: 21st place). The greenest campus worldwide is Wageningen University in the Netherlands, followed by the University of Nottingham in England and the University of California, Davis in the USA. Freie Universität Berlin came in 21st place.

In the "Energy and Climate" category, the Environmental Campus continues to lead the way in Germany and, as in 2016, is awarded a well-deserved 1st place. This category has the highest individual weight in the ranking and evaluates aspects such as energy efficiency, electricity consumption, energy standards of buildings, use of renewable energy and reduction of CO2 emissions.

More information on the GreenMetric ranking can be found at:

ISCN-Award 2017

ISCN-Award 2017

Award-Verleihung ISCN-Award 2017

Award for sustainable campus design

The ISCN network, as the world's largest sustainability forum for colleges and universities, organizes an annual conference to further develop and promote university campuses towards greater sustainability. In addition to sharing 'best practice' through exemplary presentations and ideas from participating universities, a sustainability award is also presented annually. The award is given to universities that stand out for their outstanding planning, design or teaching projects in the field of sustainability.

In 2017, the conference was held at the University of British Columbia UBC in Vancouver, Canada. Participants from 78 universities from a total of 31 countries exchanged ideas.

The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld received the award for its zero-emissions concept in the "Campus Planning and Management Systems" category.

In the other categories "Building and Innovative Infrastructure", "Innovative Collaboration" and "Student Leadership", awards went to the University of Singapore, Swarthmore College in Philadelphia/USA and Chiba University in Japan.

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2016

GreenMetric Ranking Dezember 2016

Urkunde GreenMetric Ranking 12/2016

For the seventh time, Universitas Indonesia has conducted a global sustainability ranking of universities. The results are based on an online questionnaire and assess the commitment of the to sustainability and environmental protection. The ranking is divided into six categories, which are weighted differently: Infrastructure (15%), Energy and Climate Protection (21%), Waste Management (18%), Water (10%), Mobility (18%) and Education (18%).

Results were released on Dec. 29, 2016 ( 516 universities from 74 countries participated in the latest ranking, and the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld was able to establish itself as the second best German university in the overall evaluation, in an excellent 21st place among the greenest universities worldwide. From Germany, only the Freie Universität Berlin is one place ahead in 20th place.

Not only the overall result is excellent, because in the category "Energy and Climate Protection" the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld took first place! This category has the highest individual weight in the ranking and evaluates aspects such as energy efficiency, electricity consumption, energy standards of the buildings, use of renewable energy and reduction of CO2 emissions.

More awards 2006-2015

More awards 2006-2015

2014: 5th time "Distinguished Landmark in the Land of Ideas" (IfaS)

2014: 2nd award audit family-friendly university

2014: 3rd award for "Exemplary recognition" of foreign study achievements DAAD

2013: UNESCO "Education for Sustainable Development" for Study Semester

2011: "The green university ranking" by - 1st place

2011: Award Audit family-friendly university

2011: 2 UN Decade Awards "Silea - Laptops for Children" & "Principles of Sustainable Business

2010: IfaS Institute - Selected Landmark of the competition "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas

2010: "The green university ranking" by - 2nd place with 28.2/32 points

2008: Selected site of the competition "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas

2008: Award UN-Decade Youth Future Conference

2006: Award UN Decade IfaS


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