Green Office

The Sustainability Office at the UCB!

The Green Office is a sustainability office founded and led by students. We plan events here on campus that aim to introduce students to environmental protection - and are also fun!

We have been an established part of the university since 2017 and have already implemented many projects since then, the following take place regularly:

  •     The vegan breakfast
  •     Foodsharing
  •     Clothing swap party
  •     Clean-up-day

The Green Office currently consists of 2 HiWis: Katha and Johannes. Together with volunteers, we organize the events and the Green Office appearance. Currently Jamie, Helene, Sab and Lina are assisting us as volunteers.

Would you also like to support us or do you even have your own project ideas? Contact us by email/Instagram or drop by during our opening hours.

You can also collect POA points by working with us regularly.

Up-to-date information and dates will be published promptly on the environmental bulletin board between lecture rooms ZN003 and ZN005.

We would also like to inform you about the car sharing offer, which will start in the winter semester 2021. EMOS and the App AnyMove offer you the possibility to borrow electric vehicles around the clock directly here at the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld. More information at:  Willkommen bei EMOS - EMOS GbR - E-Mobility Sharing (

"What does the Green Office do?"

The Green Office is the young office for sustainable projects and networking at the Umwelt Campus Birkenfeld. We address different target groups. In sustainability issues we see ourselves as an interface of different institutions, the students and the employees. We want to convey a holistic awareness of sustainability in order to participate in the transformation to a just and responsible society.

Once a month, there is a big meeting with the structure group, the project committees and a public invitation for all interested parties. Among other things, existing and future projects are discussed there.


"How can I get involved?"

You want to discuss and work on sustainability topics as part of a team?

  • We offer volunteer positions in a project group of your choice.

You have your own sustainable project idea and would like to present it?

  • Here you will find open ears. Often we can establish a network for scientific work between students and professors.

All employees and students from both departments can participate.

Write us an email, visit us without obligation at one of our meetings or during our opening hours.

Long-term projects:

Your idea ?!

Do you also have an idea on how we can make the campus even more sustainable?

We'll be happy to help you implement your project, contact the right people and find motivated supporters. Simply present your project at the meeting or contact us.



E-Mail: green-office(at)

Follow us on Instagram

Room: Gebäude 9914 Raum 015

Opening hours
Wednesday: 13:00-14:00

Or write us a E-mail so we can make an appointment.

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