Your pledge for water projects of Viva con Agua

In the Central New Building (ZN) you will find our donation garbage can for Viva con Agua. Here you can contribute with your deposit bottles so that all people worldwide have access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.
More information on Viva con Agua at:

Block bindings

Printed the wrong way or too much again?
Instead of throwing away your printouts, donate them to our collection box in the floor 9917 next to the printer. We will bind notepads from them!
You are also welcome to drop off old lecture notes there.

NABU collection box for old equipment

In our office you will find a collection box for unused cell phones, smart phones, tablets and accessories. Devices that are still in working order will be refurbished and reused. In order to conserve natural resources, old devices that cannot be marketed again are recycled professionally. For each cell phone, „Telefónica“ donates the proceeds to NABU for nature conservation projects. Read more: Handys für Hummel, Biene und Co. - NABU

Bread spread circle

Tired of buying expensive spreads from the supermarket? Then join the bread spread circle!
How it works: In this circle there are about 4-5 Teams. A team can be an individual or a group of people who take turns making spreads for the other teams. The fellow circle members set up a weekly date and location via our Telegram-Group where the spreads will be distributed.

"Dirt Away!" Day

Dirt-Away Day: once per semester, we want to raise awareness about trash issues. Not only in the oceans, but also on our Campus you can find way too much trash that doesn’t belong there! In the Summer-Semester of 2018 per example, 43 volunteers successfully cleaned up the Campus from trash.


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